Tuesday, November 18, 2008

LAS participate in the activities of the food distributed before the big handsome offer broccoli

LONDON (Sohu Sports New Jersey reported that Wang Yong 18) Eastern Time on November 17 in the afternoon any of runescape gold the two, Yi Jianlian, and Carter, Harris, and other teammates came to the New Jersey Nets in a church in the eve of Thanksgiving , To the local community residents in the distribution of food poverty.

10:00 Nets in East Rutherford to train around 1:00 p.m. training and the end of the interview, and teammate Yi Jianlian will ride the team bus, along came 9 miles from the training hall of buy runescape accounts a church in the town of Montclair, And the Salvation Army distributed Thanksgiving food. This year's Thanksgiving holiday in November 27.

Nets players have arrived at the scene of Yi Jianlian, Carter, Harris, Boone, Williams, Lopez, Anderson, Simmons and so on, we put on their chef hats, food distribution, which is mainly responsible for the second Yi Jianlian Broccoli dish, he is responsible for Boone on the left side of carrots, on the right side of Jimmy Carter in charge of cold meat.

The distribution of food attracted a lot of people, they are NBA players have a lot of interest, from a greater interest in China's Yi Jianlian, a lot of elderly people who do not know who is Yi Jianlian, but do not know His name, so the scene to lead the side in the food, while asking how to runescape power leveling address the Arab-Israeli Alliance.

"My name is Yi, YI, Yi." Yi Jianlian with a smile to answer everyone's questions.
LAS how high? This is also a lot of people very curious.

"6-foot 4?" A reading glasses with the old gentleman asked Yang Zhuotou. LAS shook his head, said with a smile, "7-foot."

"Oh, my God!" The old man said with surprise.

The event lasted about 40 minutes, followed by team bus ride back to the training hall.

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