Friday, November 28, 2008

Yao Ming: We have to find the best way to play the overall strength of more opportunities

Yao Ming play only get 28 points, 12 rebounds and 4 assists to lead the Rockets away more than 107 to 98 victory over Heat. Rockets in the eastern part of runescape gold the three in a row on the road at a three-game winning streak, will meet tomorrow to return home in the eastern Pacers team. At present, 10 rocket wins, five losses, the western region ranked second only to the Lakers for 11 wins and 1 loss.
Heat is not a center of the team, hard at the center position Haslem is the league's shortest starting center. Yao Ming is very obvious advantages, he became the first rocket attack, not only easy to eat Haslem single, double encounter in a timely manner can also spread to runescape items outlying islands. With Yao Ming's inside domination, the rocket was a lot of space outside shooting opportunities, Artest, Tracy McGrady, Alston and Barry and others 3-point shot 19 for 10.
Scoring, rebounds and assists all-round play, he's so strong Heat left no choice but to vote --- 15 in 9, the field at the offensive end of the continuation of high efficiency, all field goal percentage is 52.8 percent, is not only a rocket squad in the first , And their nearly 4, the highest since last season.
McGrady is still in custody of rs2 half a dozen and a half, he played only 31 minutes use of the 3-point shots to be 6 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists. In the second half of the fourth quarter, even though the Heat close to Air Jordan 1 the score, but the Rockets coach Rick Adelman still feel at ease so that McGrady sat next game. Yao hit a hook the ball, Alstom also voted in a 3-point shots, the Heat thoroughly dampen the flames back. McGrady's defense by Artest to make up for the flaws, the main rocket defense small forward dislocation Heat guard Dwyane Wade scored a great success Air Jordan 2 , "Dwyane," 23 voted in only 7 of his 23 points, lost a total of the previous two Kuangkan 78 hours presence.
Yao Ming on the team is very satisfied with the Air Jordan 3 performance, he said: "The eastern part of the journey, we find most in need in the future to Air Jordan 4 play with the kind of the way and give full play to the strength of the whole team, as far as possible to create more opportunities for the space shot." Our reporter Liu Yi

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