Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yao Ming: We have to find a true understanding of the Rockets

The Rockets away trip to the most valuable, is to defeat the three Southeast Division teams, increasingly vulnerable to win back the honor of the west. This season, in buy runescape gold the east and west between the teams played the first 46 games, the eastern part of the team to 31 wins ahead of a negative 15, Magic 7 of the Western team matches. Now the Rockets to break the magic of the team's unbeaten record in the western team, and let the team know that the eastern part of the west is still strong.

For Yao, the away trip to runescape accounts the same significance. "Obviously, we learned a lot from them." Yao said after the match, "I think we know how to play basketball, in the first 10 games, we are relying on their own talent in the game, and now we rely on a team , Is that we rely on runescape items other team's strengths as a whole. In this we learned how to travel at a reasonable ball, how to help the team create space for scoring. We found the first 10 games of the reasons for poor play, for example, not by coaches The will pass, not in advance by the implementation of the program, and so on. Now, we can say that this is the real Rockets. "

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