Friday, November 21, 2008

Wizards first rocket PK: Yao Ming rookie pinch For Artest Siqia Jamieson

AP Beijing time on November 22, the Houston Rockets Washington will be a guest of the general lack of challenge to the Wizards Arenas, the Wizards this season abnormal results going from bad to worse is over in the 9 games they lost in the 8 games, and tied for Thunder team league last, but noted that the Wizards only win one of runescape gold the opponents, it is the sworn enemy of Western rocket Utah Jazz.
Confirmed the injury affect the Yao, the Rockets again tomorrow Galaxy, with the team to Washington. Rockets lost yesterday, Not only that, the Rockets team doctor Jones is also a really solid and playing with Yao Ming to the black humor from the injury diagnosed 3 months, the war may not affect the Mavericks, made a small image of the Giants do Somersault, like a roller coaster all day. Fortunately, tomorrow back, Yao Ming's opponent is unknown Javier - McGee, the rookie center with a field are 8.5 points 5.9 rebounds results will be veteran Wamytan - get Thomas to replace the seats in the future Yao Ming The race to be a good lesson from this height, 213 weight of 107 kg rookie, should also adhere to the previous strategy of moving the ball, as little as possible to avoid the physical contact, physical savings.
Wizards do not seem to have adapted to the big day, General Arenas did not go to the old Troika, which consists of Butler and Antawn Jamison of the dual-core has become the team's strong point. Jamison played last year, his first career 20 +10 season, the field are 10.2 points and 21.4 rebounds for his performance in the summer became the target of many teams chasing, in order to Arenas and his team decided to stay never Think of runescape power leveling that as the general meeting of the first N knee surgery, he is still fighting to a person, this season, Antawn Jamison of the data have been falling, the team's success is also Yixieqianli, Artest in the face tomorrow, will Jamieson Will usher in a battle. Artest's close, "chest up," Jamieson suitable for such a defense is an excellent fitness but relatively slow small forward. On the other hand, Artest in the past few games, the attack on the state showed a recovery trend in the past 4 games are 10 +10 double-double of the performance of the defense to enhance the continuity, as well as Yao Ming and others have missed the situation Under the responsibility of the expansion of the market, Artest is the reason to upgrade data rebounds, tomorrow's game, Jamison restrict the play is Ezhu Wizards of the throat.
Other locations, as Wizards of another dual-core fervent Caron - Butler also not be overlooked, on the face of an eagle of the tournament, Butler also had a season-high 32 points and 7 rebounds, transposition Jamieson mark of Artest did not let on to take care of dofus jol the former Lakers fervent, on the left to bear the responsibility of the power forward position on the actor Scola, Scola is also a state of good in the near future, especially on the defensive progress the ball Team, a major surprise. Alstom will be in tomorrow's race bearded face of stevenson, the Wizards of the nerve of the knife may be tomorrow's biggest game of uncertainties. McGrady and Di - on Brown, the two attacks were poor people who will not be the focus of tomorrow's game.

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