Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yao Ming Sun Yue to advised: no one should start from the substitute coach confident

November 10 for the Rockets is a very heavy in the first game. Today, they face the rival Los Angeles Lakers, the Lakers are the only Western team to a unbeaten team, and that strength is also a Union leaders, the Lakers and Rockets of the Western World can be said to Air Jordan 1 be a top team the most Direct confrontation. Of course, this game for Chinese fans, there is a point, that is, there are two Chinese players to join, while Sun Yue cheap runescape gold and Yao Ming in their team's position, but if Sun Yue time to get out, This game can be regarded as the new season's first derby of China.
Yao Ming and also show Big Brother style, he not only concerned about the NBA first came to runescape accounts Sun Yue's body, is to encourage him. Sun Yue asked about Yao Ming's life in Los Angeles, asked him how to live, followed by Sun Yue Yao told Houston than in Los Angeles, said Strong.
Back to the locker room, was asked what Sun Yue Yao Ming on the proposal. Yao Ming said: "It is time to replace Sun Yue, who is such a step by step up the fight. From the main substitute, in the national team and I, in the Rockets are coming so this is a necessary process. Sun Yue Is still very young, and ambition, he would like the opportunity to dofus items play as soon as possible. "
So when Sun Yue represent the Lakers in the regular season officially out this game? Yao Ming said: "Sun Yue in the NBA's career for the national team is also a good thing, and so he was training to the confidence of the coach, he will be able to play the game.

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