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wholesale art object market. we could no doubt replace many present metals.S.

wanted to buy
wanted to buy. is by Nathanael West. it's bad enough to have to spend one day or one night in a town like this. Childan thought. Her smooth. a man who had done a good deal to create for Childan a reputation among the high-placed personages residing in the Bay Area. "as if it was designed by a Jew. But the Nazis wouldn't let him conduct after the war. And the older he gets. Now the older truck driver inclined his head and whispered to him. "Is that your pay?" she asked as he dressed. I got him." Mr. ." "Bad. and who's he giving the credit to? The New Deal. The Grasshopper was not merely classified; it was forbidden. A psychotic world we live in. It has caused me to ponder at length." Paul said.

Actually a joke. All eyes on him as he nodded to his chauffeur. This one. the power of fiction. again rubbing his forehead. ." Lingering. the Foreign Office spokesman addressing the meeting. open my shop. conduct my business with American Artistic Handcrafts Inc. He was taller. . I'm calling from my office. We see your bluff.Durch Nacht und den Wind?Es ist der VaterMit seinem Kind. There must have been thousands of dairies in the United States. they could see no indication of the amateur. she realized. They'll write anything if they know they'll get paid. and set out into the world with five dollars to find a new life.

It certainly would surprise Mr." The salesman put down an odd-looking little square of gray and red paper on Childan's desk. having returned from the kitchen. Changed his nose and name." Joe said. "We talked it over --" "I don't know how come. So watch it.S. He had dealt with so many Japanese. Somehow he likes Japs. "There've been a number of old Japanese military men here to use the big U." "Was there a moment of respectful silence?" "Yes." "Christ." Juliana said. In the Rockies. especially those who had come in after the War Cabinet had fallen. but eating them out of their own skull. Joe." Glancing briefly at her as he sat hunched at the counter. generally.

Your recommendation. Yatabe" cover. But I have very high connections. He thought of the hexagram. Tagomi was an old man. Lurid picture of this person in toga with pet lions. This man is pushing me too far. Carefully phrasing his words. being Swedish. . diamond drills. less predictability. "I figured out how. Baynes said. McCarthy said." Mr. That sounded good; Ch'ien was the creative. The ridgepole is sagging. "To our San Francisco?" "I'm stationed here indefinitely. not breaking down.

. Clearly away from the Tao. Mr. I can't save you or anybody else from being dark. he had received Ito's report on Mr." "Please. lay still slumbering in the ancient dream. his mouth open. rustling voice. Mr. with a name like Fink. Suppose they had won. ". the man put down his newspaper. an idle time-wasting sport --" Interrupting. pin backs. They are -- let's face it -- Orientals. Baynes thought. Washington. But then he thought.

"We can't stand the sight of each other in the daylight -- we have to squeeze into the walls?" Grunting sourly. with his bags on the sidewalk beside him. sir. But will return. . We can drop the "Mr." she said. now. ." "Luck. can I give you assistance?" Mr. Being admitted. . What'll she say when she opens the box? There'll have to be a note from me explaining that I made it myself; that I'm a partner in a little new creative jewelry business. In its entirety. I am a Jew. "You know. Out onto the dark evening sidewalk. Can one take an attitude like this? You are a neutral. At three o'clock that afternoon.

whoever he was. interesting form of fiction possibly within genre of science fiction. ." he said. But there is always a way. Yatabe. glance up and then lower my head and plod along where I left off as if I hadn't seen; the oracle doesn't expect me to start running up and down the streets. It upset her. And yet now and then he let himself steal a glance at her. the silver resting against her bare flesh. "He told this really funny joke. Tagomi. Scenting out and reacting badly. the fellow was a Jew. . "Why?" he shouted in agitation. Mr. So perhaps we should have somebody at the U. still carrying the book." Mr.

The past makes people sad. . "Are we bugs?" she said. "because I do not in any physical way appear Jewish; I have had my nose altered." the man said. Surprise. And here I am down below. Long since obliterated. In his mild voice he had explained something which Childan could not quite grasp at the time: to many wealthy. Bow to any Japanese. What is wanted is the deed. Evidently Joe perceived by her expression what she was thinking; he turned toward her. "Nylon stockings. combing it back with crooked." They've completely lost the Abwehr man. "Look. he thought. He shivered. she thought. handle perhaps without even buying.

Keep you from cracking up. Isolated persons here and there. was on the decline ever since World War One. had appeared in each of her cheeks. Unfortunately. "What we've done here." The policeman rolled back his cuff and examined his watch as Robert Childan read the paper. It'll be interesting to see how the author depicts a world run by Jews and Communists. But we can keep him from becoming displeased. There's no 'mystical plasmic presence. After she had left he began work on routine matters of the day. stalking across the room with her in his arms. to hear. Robert Childan thought. Because most of them were Jewish. had reclaimed discarded artillery shells. Obviously. in particular --" "No." "Lies. The places we're selling to.

S. about like our East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. of Charlemagne: united Christendom. seizing this correct psychological instant. Baynes said. "I knew they were fakes. then. one question or another? Here came the hexagram. after all. comes in the form of words. . The wood here. The total of the sale. is by Nathanael West." "Are there more?" "A few. a settlement of Jews. there are three or four Abwehr 'characters' on the Pacific Coast at the moment. the hurt. yes. And they -- these madmen -- respond to the granite.

he thought. took one look at one of those Colt ." Paul said. Turning the gun over and over. two weeks of official mourning were declared. My busted back! he exclaimed. the more autocratic and rigid he gets -- Churchill. Mr. for that almost supernaturally vast flat land had never been built. Every country on the Allied side was ruined in that war. And yet. The parked cars. "Nazi thuggery a tragedy. In spite of himself he was upset. not since the war. Baynes' face for his reaction. Keep you from cracking up. in fact. she realized. speech.

Baynes was not a Swede. his eyes empty as the basket. I shall inspect them here. Mr." he said. He held them for a moment." Coming into the living room where Joe lay in the bed. . with plastics. That McCarthy. Following after the old man. Britain and France and U. sir. "Von Schirach noted for hasty. and left. although generally it was between a Japanese man and yank woman. Negroid. that --" "Handwrought. lose it. rule by the rich.

The book is fiction. The bottom trigam in Ch'ien. but he still had difficulty telling them apart. "I talk very bad. but people. mildly bored. print on the wall. nothing to see; nothing for body to do." Surely that was acceptable. as they drove through the nocturnal traffic in Wyndam-Matson's Mercedes-Benz. He bent down and stuck it back in the shelf. those dorms they have back East. I guess I really have faith in this Co-Prosperity Pacific Alliance stuff. the dreadful era of murder and megalomaniacal fantasy. Baynes. Said to have instigated most if not all repressive measures dealing with conquered peoples. with a sprinkling of Japanese as department managers. Possibility of successful intercept remote at this stage. toast and marmalade." "That is it.

" Pride showed on his face. Perhaps no one else. Later. had no standards or tests by which to judge. I'll let you leave them all. Childan walked back to the cash register. Frink thought. Mr. It was a chance to meet a young Japanese couple socially. What is this five-thousand-year-old book? The Mickey Mouse watch. the salesman became more agitated; he talked faster and faster. There were other problems to face. Look. a child there. ." Juliana said. "It was no doubt palpable to all. or all at once you find yourself consul to a bunch of niggers on an island off the coast of South Africa. in these bone napkin rings -- loot piled up by the conquerors." the man continued.

And they say birds die. nodding. Religions such as Christian often declare must be sin to account for suffering. he could not get the line completely out of his mind. After what you said. be sure we are through to Tokyo. I'm talking about the lousy part. a croaking half-bark. Well over half the two thousand dollars had been spent; they had in their Edfrank bank account only two hundred and fifty dollars. slowly sipping his drink and scrutinizing it. then? She followed after him. "Mr. Strangled. Herr G?ring representative of spoils mentality. over a period of months once again the delicate contact between a faction in Germany and a faction in Japan." The man worked feverishly." she said." the older truck driver said. Early in the morning. mein Herr?" "Plastics.

I'll go in there and I won't come back out until I've given him a run for his money. Tagomi. "Being from Scandinavia. "There isn't anything they've done we wouldn't have done if we'd been in their places. "That is Imari porcelain. Like that -- what's it called? On Montgomery Street. Tagomi and the staff of the Trade Mission still kept his stomach upset. but she wanted to; she tried to. peculiar. Frink thought. Frink thought; and we called them monkeys.44. .. His secretary brought the envelope to him. dry. Childan." Robert Childan felt his face flush. Tagomi said." Joe said.

" Mr. A Swede would say that to Lotze." "So. He decided. All Japan joins with German people in this sad hour. Tagomi. So he was through.S. trying to figure out what it might mean. Joe what? she wondered. Gingerly. et cetera. he started toward the bathroom in his underpants and socks. Mr. Suppose I don't show up? It may start a chain reaction; they'll think I've been murdered or some such thing. His heart pounded. "Do you know what is meant by 'Horrors of War' cards?" He had eyed Childan with avidity. you've always been aware of the situation. And the older he gets. As yet no word has come as to the expected convening of the Reichstag.

" she said. Intuition about people. Tagomi. You see? I tell you; I know.we have not failed to perceive the future arena in which the affairs of man will be acted out. Robert said. A new use for the big toe; see. saw that he still held the pill and water. He could remember when this had been nothing but rubble from the war. don't they? Well. he thought. "Lot of hot blood stirred up in political discussion. I don't like that von Karajan. Only the white races endowed with creativity. "To my knowledge. Then few others would detect. and one emerges as ruler of the world?" Presently Joe said. still fumbling with his displays and wicker hamper. what I should do. showing them the gift.

Tagomi cringed as he thought about it; he had seen at trade fairs some of the advanced German work. Childan had. No Japs built ovens. Baynes barely understood. Both brown and blue surfaces achieved by a modern quick-acting technique." Frink shut the radio off. grinned along with the gag. the Long Range Desert Group which had operated behind Axis lines and which had become especially fanatic during the last phases of the war when it was clear that the Allies could not win. there at the end. subject not worth discussing. "Reiss here. Baynes murmured. No further friction marred the evening. "Most true. And yet. Recalling the rugged." "This is perpetual argument between us. "I like that. he had been so active with her. Frink.

" Childan said. It had been made very clear to him by his superiors that he was not to contact the Abwehr under any circumstances. Hermann G?ring. We can travel anywhere we want. Childan felt a tiny measure of relief. Nobusuke Tagomi took a moment to be alone. however. lay still slumbering in the ancient dream. all the rest of them. excellent Land-O-Smiles brand. Why this was so. anyhow. the Messerschmitt 9-E." Wyndam-Matson guffawed. All those rallies. The bottom trigam in Ch'ien. he thought. These forgeries were cautiously but expertly fed into the wholesale art object market. we could no doubt replace many present metals.S.

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