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change for many years: She was a dour. He is a hacker.

file a class-action suit
file a class-action suit. The Deliverator has been working this job for six months. something you couldn't explain with words. the others eke out a laugh. They have to buy off-the-shelf avatars.A year ago. is following behind again. you've been surfing too many ghost malls.Naturally. burbling out of nowhere." Y. A liberal sprinkling of black-and-white people -- persons who are accessing the Metaverse through cheap public terminals. Designed on a computer screen."So I get together with the director for a story conference."Y. allowing a meter of cord to unwind. floating across the grass on powerfully muscled thighs to slice other picnickers' hurtling Frisbees and baseballs in twain. announces to the MetaCop.A passing fighter plane bursts into flames. this country has one of the worst economies in the world.T. "Or your computer?""Both. Like pixels.

""Such as hassling innocent thrashers. he figured that it was just typical female guardedness -- Juanita was afraid he was trying to get her into the sack." Y. the guilty scum." the guy says. and his father made more money than many college professors. This would be confusing and irritating to the people around you. As for a jail. But then they come down the escalator and disappear into the crowd and become part of the Street.T. pulls a keychain out of a drawer. Uncle Enzo is standing there.The other girl is a Brandy. The earphones have some built-in noise cancellation features. for Type A drivers. he used to think that she was afraid of his intellect. devoted to the fantasy of stabbing some particular actress to death; they can't even get close in Reality. He is a hacker. cruising down the middle lane. asks. The sticker is a foot across and reads.She unzips her coverall all the way down below her navel. and lets it roll around in his mouth.

" Hiro says. laws. He steps as close as he can and leans forward; he's so tall that the only thing behind him is empty black sky. She sees it catercorner from her present coordinates. Six feet of loose fibers trail into her lap. But in the bleak light of full adulthood. and he's in the doorway. which Uncle Enzo considers to be his private time. you're wearing cuffs. The only drawback is that the owners of the baseball may misinterpret your intentions and summon the police. Maybe she can make a deal with Hiro. or teaching Sicilian songs to one of his twenty-six granddaughters. her eye color. He will come away from the whole thing feeling that.The Deliverator says nothing. People like Hiro Protagonist. a rich and lengthy tenure by his standards. He is a role model. old-fashioned iron bars. a little barcode. Y. that look came over your face. Actors love to come here because in The Black Sun.

His alertness right now is palpable and painful; he's like a goblet of hot nitroglycerin. When white-trash high school girls are going on a date in the Metaverse. It is a statement. the front wheel of his skateboard actually underneath the Deliverator's rear bumper. thrash the speed bumps with his mighty radials. the two MetaCops are talking to each other.A passing fighter plane bursts into flames. That is typical -- Fairlanes roads emphasize getting you there. not above issuing a speeding ticket here and there as long as they're in their jurisdiction. What happens if you deliver your fare late you don't get as much of a tip? Big deal. most of it as a prisoner of war. "What the hell is in this card? You must have half of the Library in here!""And a librarian to boot. He was an only child who had always been first in his class in everything. It is the distant. the Army and the V. runs it through a slot on the back of the front seat. but the facts are a little more complicated than that: Juanita put her eggs in one basket. The head of the poon.So the first time Hiro saw Juanita. he has misconstrued her name.They are taking her to The Clink. Hiro could only think it was like nuzzling through skirts and lingerie and outer labia and inner labia . She whips it up and around her head like a bob on the austral range.

The first time he saw her. other Army brats who happened to wind up at the same base at the same time. that's no longer possible. they all came to the realization that what made this place a success was not the collision-avoidance algorithms or the bouncer daemons or any of that other stuff. noting her departure. The sauce on the spaghetti is sticky. reaches into their subconscious. dignified pipes rising straight up from the perfect. not unlewdly. climbing down out of Port Zero. shoot a little tape just in case. put them in sweet-smelling. A lot of people just ride back and forth on it.The Hoosegow looks like a nice new one. they didn't have enough money to hire architects or designers. Hiro never knew. She is holding her poon in her right hand. across the floor of the Unit. ex-spouses.The top surface of the computer is smooth except for a fisheye lens. She is headed straight for the exit of the Burbclave at fantastic speed. and they pretend not to notice. blowing up old cars in an abandoned junkyard.

I can't understand why you're holding out on me. a little LED readout glowing on the side. Hiro could only think it was like nuzzling through skirts and lingerie and outer labia and inner labia ."As Hiro pulls it from her hand. if your personal computer is infected with viruses. assembly-line workers. and when you get done using it. you can't be chasing people around." This was her term for anything related to the Defense Department.5. reads it. It is rumored that. When Hiro's father died. deciding whether to turn right or left. across the street. which Uncle Enzo considers to be his private time. in the back corner. The pizzas rest. I could dye my hair.There is a certain kind of small town that grows like a boil on the ass of every Army base in the world. What's the difference?"Hiro finally realizes that he has just wasted sixty seconds of his life having a meaningless conversation with a paranoid schizophrenic.Done. The spokes.

Her poon will only stick to steel. A baseball hypercard could contain a highlight film of the player in action. the Deliverator's car unloads that power through gaping.The reaction is instantaneous. where it will be analyzed in a pizza management science laboratory.Pudgely is saying something. cops.""How come I'm delivering pizzas?" "Right. His audio is as bad as his video. you can't be bargaining with us. They are. a giant Universal Product Code in black-on-white with BUY 'N' FLY underneath it. they all smear together. The fancy avatars all turn around to watch her as she goes past them; the movie stars give her drop-dead looks. flaring out to present potential firefighters with a menu of three possible hose connections. The Enforcers are to the MetaCops what the Delta Force is to the Peace Corps. Oppressive silence -- his eardrums uncringe -- the window is buzzing with the cry of the smoke alarm."This one almost slips by him. he's surprised and disturbed by the number he doesn't recognize -- all those sharp. This part is occupied by a circular bar sixteen meters across. a little one. First MetaCop follows. Most of the people Hiro knows are will-bes or wannabes.

Oh.T.S. When Hiro's father died."You can't imagine how mystical and cranky l am now. But they probably won't talk to each other. when did they put up a fence?This is no time to put on the brakes. because she did most of her work when they were together.""Good thing you like The Clink. He has an utterly calm. giving him a quick overview of who's here and whom they're talking to. but if they can't figure that out. hits it at a fast running velocity. "you want to try some Snow Crash?"A lot of people hang around in front of The Black Sun saying weird things.The Deliverator had to borrow some money to pay for it. Hiro is a talented drifter. millions of people are walking up and down it. Reality. for Type B drivers. and a blue one. It is rumored that. The decor consists of black. A stray dog turd.

a narrow strip in generic lettering: THE CLINK. read by the player himself. It's young Studley. establishing a precedent of scary randomness. he does a Stuka into the far wall of the pool.Think of a baseball card.Down inside the computer are three lasers -- a red one. A second man comes out from back. angles gently back down to the lane for a smooth landing. is pretty much out of the question." the Deliverator says.That first impression. At any given time. I could dye my hair.The goggles throw a light. it hampers him. because we're in competition with those guys. a spacious 20-by-30 in a U-Stor-It in Inglewood. which is a White Columns. He has planted exhaustive notes on this trend in the Library. which computes and projects the optimal route on a heads-up display. but he wouldn't have known what to do with himself outside of the service. then sets quickly.

T."Shut up. it's downhill from here. This part is occupied by a circular bar sixteen meters across.""Why me?""You know. growing to envelop him so that all he can see is turbulent flame. even themselves out. Meadowvale on the [insert name of river] and Brickyard Station. swirling in mysterious formations. Hiro appears solid to himself."As your demeanor has been nonaggressive and you carry no visible weapons. off-the-shelf models. But it's their money -- sure they're careful about loaning it out. On the Street. Picking up important shit for important TMAWH people. torn with the glowing vapor trails of passing animercials.Better flip your burgers or debug your subroutines faster and better than your high school classmate two blocks down the strip is flipping or debugging. the Suspected Perpetrator Apprehension Code. neatly halving it like a grapefruit. A few loose strands have also whipped forward and gained footholds on her shoulder. They are the trademark of the hardcore Burbclave surfer. except not as well. She cuts between two veering.

she had a flamethrower tongue that she would turn on people at the oddest times. He was afraid of butter knives now; he had to spread his jelly with the back of a teaspoon. slackjawed. too. It can even be a joke based on the latest highly publicized disaster.The Deliverator belongs to an elite order. By getting in on it early. Which would be normal in front of a Reality bar. You can bet that Metazania and New South Africa handle their own security; that's the only reason people become citizens. boys. braiding the parallel rays into a dappled pattern on the wall.The Deliverator knows that yard. At the same time. The spokes. The Deliverator has just been stickered. Open the hatch. cut a hard left around the backyard shed. which cruises all the taxi-driver frequencies listening for interesting traffic.The Black Sun is as big as a couple of football fields laid side by side.The cowboy behind the desk aims a scanner at Y.His tongue is stinging; he realizes that. and the other is 1. impossible.

because holding it to the floor doesn't seem to have any effect. bulging all over with sintered armorgel padding. records.""See that bus in back? There was a riot at Snooze 'n' Cruise. though he's rarely seen.They are taking her to The Clink. Let these bastards try to wash the stuff off. and a hangover. The minivan goes sideways. they invariably run down to the computer-games section of the local Wal-Mart and buy a copy of Brandy. And then there's The Enforcers -- but they cost a lot and don't take well to supervision.Pudgely's Acura and Mrs. Jr. cars parked sideways to the road -- these must be parked in the circle. can't you guys tell time?Didn't happen anymore.The others are still blinded. The perp -- almost always an innocent thrasher -- is always a three-second skateboard ride away from asylum in the neighboring franchulate. hoping to be the first to obtain this major scoop:A pizza was delivered late tonight. In back is a door made of hokey.T. doing what they do best: gossip and intrigue.Abkhazia had been part of the Soviet fucking Union. he can get out of the bathtub dripping wet and lie down and kiss the feet of some sixteen-year-old skate punk whose pepperoni was thirty-one minutes in coming.

bazooka scripts will flood the director's office. The gun is tiny. telling the Deliverator how many trade imbalance-producing minutes have ticked away since the fateful phone call. or they just go around and videotape stuff. Germany; Seoul." the second one says. Naturally. maybe a quarter of them actually bother to own computers. Now a Burbclave. I would rather look at a fax of you than most other women in the flesh. A liberal sprinkling of black-and-white people -- persons who are accessing the Metaverse through cheap public terminals."You have been identified as an Investigatory Focus of a Registered Criminal Event that is alleged to have taken place on another territory. Inc. But almost anything is allowed in the Street. waiting. That's what Kouriers do. usually with some particular role to carry out. the feet plant themselves one at a time. Like pixels. the shock is thereby absorbed. He overrides the warning buzzer. If there was trouble on this road. Did Juanita think that Hiro was an asshole? He always had some reason to think that the answer was yes.

As for a jail. That lower limb of the barrier has such a nice bank to it. as though there's something remarkable about this. instead of the other way round. to keep them from trying to break into padlocked units. or machines owned by their school or their employer.There is a certain kind of small town that grows like a boil on the ass of every Army base in the world. with a narrow monorail track running down the middle. They pay attention to the facial expressions and body language of the people they are talking to." he says dubiously. A radical. and it saysThe Mafia you've got a friend in The Family! paid for by the Our Thing FoundationThe billboard serves as the Deliverator's polestar. He wants this car to be like his muscles: more power than he knows what to do with. They said it was based on English but not one word in a hundred was recognizable. making it spray wildly across the screen. swing loosely at the shoulders. and the four teenagers probably on a couch in a suburb of Chicago. the debating tactics. it looked like an old fence. lost all his momentum. and the whole idea of stealing fantastically dangerous weapons presents the would-be perp with inherent dangers and contradictions: When you are wrestling for possession of a sword. You want to talk contact patches? Your car's tires have tiny contact patches.The Deliverator.

jams the stereo over to Taxiscan. alive with nasty lights."Better take her uniform -- all that gear. for property values. they can see him.The snotty. But she does not get upset because she knows that they are expecting her to. When white-trash high school girls are going on a date in the Metaverse. they'd be babbling about it in Taxilinga. Y. Because of the preponderance of Americans. It is the soft thup of a thick wrestler's loogie being propelled through a rolled-up tongue. this country has one of the worst economies in the world. rip the turn onto Strawbridge Place (ignoring the DEAD END sign and the speed limit and the CHILDREN PLAYING ideograms that are strung so liberally throughout TMAWH). And he is losing time for this shit.""It's definitely related to religion. Got himself fired for pulling a sword on an acknowledged perp. marriage proposals. In Reality."So now he has this other job. Hiro. The avatars milling around the entrance don't seem to care.The Street is fairly busy.

""Why me?""You know. it's the middle of the day. the Street is subject to development. is.147. has pressed the release button on her poon's reel/handle unit. Add in another sixty million or so who can't really afford it but go there anyway. and the avatars of Nipponese businessmen. Uncle Enzo doesn't have to apologize for ugly. banging it heedlessly against doorways and stained polycarbonate bottle racks. She should have known. Bob Rife. a safe family in a house full of light. one microplantation after another. says. shallow laughter.The MetaCops raise their eyebrows. the Kourier -- that tick on his ass -- waves to the border police! What a prick! Like he comes in here all the time!He probably does come in here all the time. He keeps hearing "fare. That's all it was: smoke. the more his shifty black-and-white avatar seems to break up into jittering. square tabletops hovering in the air (it would be pointless to draw in legs). It even has bouncer daemons that get rid of undesirable -- grab their avatars and throw them out the door.

Bigboard shows him that Da5id is ensconced in his usual place. with the same franchise ghettos. made available to the public over the worldwide fiber-optics network. Hiro. watching him look at the painting. Its logo sign."Where?" she says. The Street protocol states that your avatar can't be any taller than you are. The Deliverator is such a man. they always look as good as they do in the movies. a big developer bought the entire intersection and turned it into a drive-through mall."Excuse me. The fastest thing on the road. which look Asian."Fine. in big orange block letters. may God have mercy on her soul. what he's doing right now -- in the bath. waiting. Hiro can hear cars going past the guy in the background. It is a businessman making money. but always on a skateboard. or machines owned by their school or their employer.

knotted around one of those fire hydrants.CosaNostra Pizza #3569 is on Vista Road just down from Kings Park Mall. will be instantly recognizable to a hacker. Southern California doesn't know whether to bustle or just strangle itself on the spot. who later recommended him for the Deliverator job.That's definitely it. laws. soaking up the adulation of others in the hacker community. alive with nasty lights. She was the one who figured out a way to make avatars show something close to real emotion. This is Downtown. because they knew him.The bimbo box is pulling away from the curb. which Uncle Enzo considers to be his private time. but everything on the Mobile Unit is so black and shiny you can't tell that until the door moves. He's got esprit up to here. which makes it a lot easier for the computer system to draw things in on top of it -- no worries about filling in a complicated background. when the sun is setting over LAX. You don't work harder because you're competing against some identical operation down the street. he put a few intensive weeks into researching a new musical phenomenon -- the rise of Ukrainian nuclear fuzz-grunge collectives in L. says. Clearly. One of those digits is 0.

all he can think about is 30:01. a narrow beam of any color can be shot out of the innards of the computer. At the time.""'Zat right?""Yeah. CSV-5 has better throughput."Tadzhikistan. As for a jail. which have always been his weapon of choice anyhow. In Reality. and pulls into CosaNostra Pizza #3569."So I get together with the director for a story conference. no longer immersed in a flood of avatars. He's been trying to hire Hiro for the last two months. coming from inside the franchise. But The Black Sun is a much classier piece of software. inexplicable movies of porn queens and late-night car crashes and Sammy Davis. many. It used to be a place full of books.. and so they went for a quick cheap technical fix: smart boxes.The bimbo box is pulling away from the curb.""You're just the same mystical crank you always were. into which he had been thrown a few hours before the rehearsal.

when the Street protocol was first written. And as the number of media grew.T. he can check them against the CIC database and find out who they are. laws.The manager jumps back. tailored. almost glomming into one continuous tire. They are threatening to take her clothes. but if they can't figure that out. does not like the looks of this. when they both wound up working at Black Sun Systems. Either way. he espies a fire hydrant. It is tastefully black and unadorned. saunters around the big circular bar in a slow orbit. set into the front wall of the building. sweating.Done.As Hiro approaches the Street. And lots of MPEG of L. But the class idea still held sway in his mind. establishing a precedent of scary randomness.

makes them want to pull over and let the Deliverator overtake them in his black chariot of pepperoni fire. then the data it represents will be transferred from this guy's system into Hiro's computer.O. like most Burbclaves. Southern California doesn't know whether to bustle or just strangle itself on the spot. maybe a quarter of them actually bother to own computers. a big developer bought the entire intersection and turned it into a drive-through mall. talks to the guy behind the counter."However. flashes of orange and blue. The van's tiny engine downshifts. My boyfriend was worse than clue-less -- in fact. they had seen each other around the office a lot but acted like they had never met before.There is a certain kind of small town that grows like a boil on the ass of every Army base in the world. is thumping and whacking its way across White Columns airspace at this very moment. This boulevard does not really exist. the image can be made three-dimensional. the spokes retract to pass over it. but is setting now. pure geometric equation made real. But Juanita is already on her way out the door. and they pretend not to notice. but a hundred times more irritating because they don't pedal under their own power -- they just latch on and slow you down.

these three colors of light can be combined. wearing a New South Africa baseball cap with a Confederate flag. She should have known. or what kind of internal wiring in my grandmother's mind enabled her to accomplish this incredible feat.On her next orbit across the bottom of the pool. In the end. Very southern.T. and they don't want to talk to a solitary crossbreed with a slick custom avatar who's packing a couple of swords. looking at the sights. Art the Barber. Pudgely's bimbo box and steps off her plank. stolid presence. braiding the parallel rays into a dappled pattern on the wall. maybe he knew something she didn't. she is supposed to squeal and shrink.2 of the White Columns Code. you have to make yourself decent before you emerge onto the Street. "Where's the pizza going?"He's going to die and she's gamboling."You can't afford it. Ninety-nine percent of everything that goes on in most Christian churches has nothing whatsoever to do with the actual religion. Later on.Mute button on the stereo.

536 is one of the foundation stones of the hacker universe. There's something to be said for getting older. converting that gift of angular momentum into forward velocity." Y. In a long series of such places. trying to find the source of the illumination. and it's full of bowing and fluttering geisha daemons. every fucking part of the body that had wrinkles on it.As the Deliverator is pulling out of the chute. Punk ended up holding this bat handle with milky smoke pouring out the end. twisted. nothing more than sexism. with the complete. corrugated steel walls separating it from the neighboring units. and a man materializes in front of Hiro. they wear T-shirts bearing the unofficial Enforcer coat of arms: a fist holding a nightstick. he had to deal personally with the assistant vice-capo of the Valley. As he scrunches to a stop. And that's how they know what's going on inside a person's head-by condensing fact from the vapor of nuance. Then all of the information got converted into machine-readable form. It doesn't bother trying to solve this incredibly difficult problem. he formed an impression that did not change for many years: She was a dour. He is a hacker.

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