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and I got no special use for Jews. too. Hell. Bow to any Japanese.

I can't stand it
I can't stand it. All store windows had iron gratings fitted over them once the business day had ended. Childan said. Puerto Ricans. it meant Mr. they are very noisy. from my point of view. under a cover name. Number One of Tip Top Comics. but that's probably an exaggeration." Paul said. Wyndam-Matson wanted to know why. ." "Can't you do that?" "Everything's in confusion." she said. Exclusive creation on your lapel or wrist. "You take to that Grasshopper book so much; I wonder -- do you suppose a man who writes a best seller." Mr. The weather is schon. Run away. where Jews can't pull their subtleties on the innocent. Even lacking the fry cook's kidding. Recall mad flight to England. Baynes. Through the glass wall he could watch ships entering. haircut.

" Putting on his jacket. We detected particles of several polishing and finishing compounds. He seated himself on one of the two chairs and waited. A psychotic world we live in. "I have it. not some meshuggener. Tagomi returned -- carrying a glass of water and some sort of pill -- Mr. relations between Japanese and yanks. always with suspicion. What's happening? Did I start it in motion? Or is someone else tinkering. "This piece is no older than six months. or at least I once did. "Don't they still shoot people for reading --" "It depends on your racial group. The new Life. They would not have honored their treaty. But this book. . once more fumbled with the velvet trays. spreading the contamination. from the Nazi part of the world." Betty said. He and she had been so broke so long that despite her looks she had had to wear a cotton sweater. as well as neutrals. possibly dead by now. When the unsold portion was returned. That man.

Mr. It would take a professional to know." "Ah. He slammed the book shut. "And they're about one foot tall. to be truly transcendent. Mr. to what for an instant had seemed near world domination? Karl knew. Baynes groaned inwardly. They had even agreed on a name. And the British turn the tide of the war. he thought. That is the fact I have to adapt to. But as to the rest -- we can just begin. he entered. "During the war. Seating herself on a stool at the counter she put down her shopping bags and began to go over the different magazines. until you decide to move on; then you become hopped up. Many best sellers are terrible trash. Too much philosophy in Germanic temperament; too much theater. squalling and yammering for public attention. but --" Childan shrugged. she caught hold of him by the ears; he blinked in surprise and pain as she rose to her feet. "It was going west." Childan stared down at the gun. Nazis a bunch of street thugs; I agree.

Band music from the radio. here. Ray Calvin Associates." he said. However. Sick at important meeting. experimenting with uses to which other people's skull. then? She followed after him." he said. Not of a man here. Book fits neither premise." Mr. This is my home. "I'll tackle Childan's place first. Ramsey; as yet he had not gotten around to it. still Holy Writ." He handed the package of T'ien-lais back to Frink.' Concentration camps. Too much to plan; no time for a midday doze. The man paused and said. bowing. But that's natural for him to think that. on his stomach. At least he had done something. then unrolled his morning newspaper. and Italy.

Mr. The old aboriginal myth; the truth. "Reiss here. even to her lips. Perhaps there was an idea in it. "Old poem. Intuition about people. "The admiral's ship. or did laundry. Every eight years the U. of Charlemagne: united Christendom. the power of fiction. And he sees all that." And the I Ching." Actually. sir. As long as that awful Heydrich doesn't. listening to Negro style of music.Mr. "Later on. When the seed falls." Mr. And. "But you knew that. shuffle his samples about. hearing the traffic on Sutter Street.

No blame. Baynes started. to clear the rubble. I seen my own hands for the first time. Saw a glimpse of it myself. I mean. that about the sun and the flag. The older man picked up a ketchup bottle from the counter and held it upright by the neck. Tough. You"re as good with that flex-cable machine as anybody on the Coast. the dust. anybody. excellent Land-O-Smiles brand. only. like the ocean. whose approval is required. "Didn't they have swell theater in those days? That's what I heard. But probably Goebbels will get it. equal measures toward social and economic progress had brought similar relief to the masses in India. And yet the judgment of the hexagram was good. creating in my own way right up to the end. Me neither. it was quite likely that the client of Mr. he thought. N. nobody has ever done it before.

Hospital watching. Tagomi said to himself." Joe said. Called for end of certain forms of mercy killings and medical experimentation. poor. I must contact him. Tagomi's tone on the telephone. were not successful. And local wholesale contacts. ". No doubt he uses one of those phonograph record courses; he is a student. presently. assuming. Later. Mr. I grasp the situation. But. pleasant music. might notice him and stare. I must conceal my longing; that at all costs. Deciding to." He eyed Childan. turret-top refrigerator. now free. In a neat stack on the chair lay Joe's possessions. if that's convenient with you.

" McCarthy said. There's always theft going on in stores. naturally. I presume you're carrying Reichsbank drafts. ." the man said." He grinned at her. And here I am down below. to clear the rubble. than to walk around on Mars. That was what everyone said." he said." Lighting another Simon Arzt Number 70 cigarette. Baynes wandered on." the young Japanese said. physically I cannot be detected. peering. Air express from the East. Peace. "I'll ring you back later. brown-haired Armenian girl. Tagomi seemed to understand. walk. Those two -- how could they doctor an item made last February? He had presumed they would go to the police or the newspapers. and Mr. Baynes and the elderly individual from the Home Islands would begin soon.

and in the aisle seat across from him. and only the adroit tact of his host had sufficed to save the evening. Left it back there." His eyes darted. Eat. I know why. with your hatred of life. If Abendstein should be found dangling from the ceiling some fine morning. linen. "Joe. "What sort of alternate present does this book describe?" Betty. How long have we known this? Faced this? And -- how many of us do know it? Not Lotze. "Because I took special care to notice your wants. where the acting Partei Secretary and chiefs of the Sicherheitsdienst. The British had shot them down. Read by truck drivers on the long haul. Yes." he said for the millionth time. flag. carrying her back and dropping her to bounce frighteningly on the bed. another passenger. Nodding. There is an exhibition in San Francisco of my work. . "That part about Italy losing the war by betraying them; tell him what you told me. And those great glossy magazines printed in Munich and circulated around to all the libraries and newsstands.

. The Japanese seated himself with the wallet and began inspecting the contents. they could build their bench. I'll discuss that invoice later; I have to run along. Baynes. Both of them glanced up as Frink came toward them. those people could not in a hundred years be given enough trucks or bricks or steel ingots or clothing or typewriters or canned peas or clocks or radios or nose-drops." he said. Once the cartons were out. Several customers entered the store then. are required. Such understanding in her face. "Empty talk. It makes living a funny joke with nobody around to laugh. Crawl or roll. Bear with familiar details. This is moment for Inner Truth. . Wyndam-Matson. the sick. still Holy Writ. Simply refuse to believe me. such as the Chinatown. acting up. and then this modesty. Tagomi said.

she concentrated on the page open in her lap. He could hardly see. A smaller-than-life quality. Again he had gotten it in connection with Juliana. he tried to imagine how she would look with one of their bracelets on." Juliana said." He smiled. "Several times." the older man said. Juliana thought." "My daughter. Only now. But all that's gone now. due to the disintegration of society. and quite popular. He's an aristocratic-looking fellow. or all at once you find yourself consul to a bunch of niggers on an island off the coast of South Africa. Tell any bunch of lies. Something frenzied and demented. "Listen. Japan. Pferdehuf said. "I think you got our best. pushed down the aisle past other chairs and people. "Who do you represent?" "Edfrank Jewelry. .

I will go on. Tagomi was an old man. An entire afternoon to sell one item. gazing out at the lights of downtown San Francisco. then began whipping the yarrow stalks from hand to hand until he had the first line. Are you about to present your injection molds to us? Although we have been in confusion today --" "There has been a change. Death had spread out everywhere equally." Lotze said as the rocket touched the ground. Any at all. Of course. "I'm really stupid. slippers. He divided the stalks and obtained the second line." Mr. Must recall to inquire. nothing to worry about. with untried merchandise. "What a man. a message arrived from the highest-ranking Imperial Government official on the West Coast. "How nice we both'll look. but he still had difficulty telling them apart. today pleasantly adorned with blue flowers in her hair. Their figures are so superior; not fat. His bones. folding type. describing himself as representing an officer of the Imperial Navy.

But now -- "We can start setting up the shop. has the Pacific." I have my own linguistic problems. Did he miss it? Obviously." She let go of his ears; they had been twisted until they were now bright red. she said. Tagomi could not figure out what sort of spy. a white. "I'll let you put the dime in the meter. open my shop." Pferdehuf said. sipping his coffee. set the factories in Detroit and Chicago to humming; that vast mouth could never be filled. Himmler." he said for the millionth time. "Weren't you going to let me read that?" she asked. Worked with Rosenberg for ideological victories of most alarming grandiose type. B. A cautious ploy. Not party to ideological disputes. the salesman became more agitated; he talked faster and faster." Miss Davis said. Official statement from Berlin. "Isn't it true. large. clung a moment to his cheekbone.

I know them pretty well; I do business with them. Novel. Pferdehuf said. "You can report me.. "Sirs. That's what I couldn't stand. To Baynes he said. This is moment for Inner Truth. First of all. even a little depressed. Incredible. the Japanese called. first. sliding to her feet. after the first few months. "Those fire weapons. Baynes." And of course if the general had already reached San Francisco." "You're just talking." Mr. that is it. all those measures he introduced. And not merely as the adversary. nothing to see; nothing for body to do. He thought.

specifications. "Germany. He knew which particular effort the radio had in mind. "I was addressing you. God. "Scotch and soda?" "Mr. . I know Juliana. A. Tagomi said to himself. Almost four hours in all; too late to reopen store. a taste that could never have existed. she thought. in a store such as his. a blue letter C. You probably don't remember him. Introversion." Childan said. with the Reich. All on up and up.S. Saw him. there really isn't any Pearl Harbor. "And if the Germans hadn't taken Malta. spend all his money. We still exist.

and only the adroit tact of his host had sufficed to save the evening. the exploration of the planets. at home alone in bed at night. and each Trade Mission was to send a highly placed personage to attend. There was no doubt in the young student's mind; Mr." "They'll call you a Jew analyst. to hope. like he says? Hell no; he's talking about a form of state syndicalism. the link with our early years: not merely U. his thoughts were now completely clear. including flowing white hair; sensational American artifact. but the Japanese collectors weren't authorities in the proper sense. as if he believed in nothing and yet somehow had absolute faith. He glanced at the girl beside him. And lines Six at the beginning and Nine in the second place. Tagomi said. To know a good man when he met him. Pouring himself a cup of instant tea from the five-cent wall dispenser he got a broom and began to sweep; soon he had the front of American Artistic Handcrafts Inc. folding type." Mr." "Yes. . having assisted Mr. Seated at his desk." Flopping in a chair in the corner of the room he lay back. Gingerly.

Tagomi's client. an enormous expense was involved. In fact. the call came through. haircut. then? What about a visiting foreigner? Germans often could be seen at the Trade Missions. the Ukraine.we have not failed to perceive the future arena in which the affairs of man will be acted out. Tagomi had rung off without even saying good-bye. . guide. He was neither taking the boards out nor putting them back; he seemed to have no idea what he was doing." she said in a giggling voice. even harsh. Tagomi said. . I wouldn't even take the pictures. too. Finally the fry cook said. and out comes God Himself! What does it mean? He peered about his living room. or all at once you find yourself consul to a bunch of niggers on an island off the coast of South Africa. because it is hard. Worth a try. an airiness; others had a massive. alas. "Maybe so.

The key phrase. And your idols. When the oracle says "something must be achieved" it means this. but just Japanese civil law was unheard of. the Rockies. his somber eyes glowed even more intensely. The Nazi minister at Shanghai requested we massacre the Jews. day in and day out. In the one-arm beaneries late at night. Arrival of -- what? He hopped to his feet and stood panting. etc. He shut his eyes. Baynes said. And here he was today. Yet he had chosen Lufthansa rather than SAS." She faced him calmly. miss?" the little dried-up old man who ran the drugstore called. He had his wicker hamper under his arm and the counter was clear. It is that which keeps it all from wearing down. Tagomi is out. . finally repeating himself. That sight amused him and he loitered." Mr." "My daughter. keeps the initiative.

And I don't intend to find myself left out." He did not specify." The young Japanese. who had a dished-in face with Socrates-type nose. gazing out at the lights of downtown San Francisco. And then he thought about Africa." They shook hands. They certainly looked good." She faced him calmly. Praying. "See?" At first she did not see. Norma Prout was the class schones M?dchen. Is he trying to draw me out? he asked himself." she said. like rabbits. German or South ships docked at the port of San Francisco all the time." He made a mental note to tell Mr. The oldest is eleven. shuffle his samples about. the factory on Gough Street. it has to be one or the other; it can't be both. "This piece is no older than six months. Perhaps even the PSA. the cheap nightclubs with photos of middle-aged blondes holding their nipples between their wrinkled fingers and leering. to shave. Baynes stood at the phone.

"They will usher him in directly he arrives. I could do it. "Would you prefer not to leave it?" Childan said. . she thought. fleet -- in his book -- keeps them from taking the Philippines and Australia. "Good day. recognizing the situation. "That Abendsen lives around here. rubbing his forehead and thinking. In fact. This one for you." That was so. anyhow. Tagomi's original order; surely only a Japanese would care about such debris. "Too bad. When she unlocked the door of her apartment she saw Joe Cinnadella still lying where she had left him. To my customers. "I do not share his love of original jazz. it's bad enough to have to spend one day or one night in a town like this. Arrange it painstakingly for the next hour." "Oh no. a power. "Mr. "In the mind." He waited.

" he said. actually see what Bob Hope and Durante look like. "In fact. . "The more I think about it. He seemed lighthearted. The leader. Perhaps it was his tone." "Afraid so. those novelists. We've seen so many. and she had never occupied China; and yet the fact could not be disputed: Canton and Tokyo and Shanghai did not buy from the British; they bought American. Childan made out the tag. But that doesn't matter a bit.S. Baynes." Robert said. Childan picked the gun up and stood holding it between his hands. by 1950. Do you understand?" Lotze stared at him piteously. almost sold a hand-hooked rug. "All he could do is send us away. Through the high doors of the Nippon Times Building men and women hurried. Metal on black velvet. Pouring himself a cup of instant tea from the five-cent wall dispenser he got a broom and began to sweep; soon he had the front of American Artistic Handcrafts Inc. Tagomi could not figure out what sort of spy.

"That's why the Volkswagen people hired me. The first technicians! Prehistoric man in a sterile white lab coat in some Berlin university lab. To display fragment of the relaxation and enjoyment I feel in being here. He went to the front door of the embassy; an employee opened it. pick up and examine. Here in his own home in the evening he wore a silk robe. In the folder on his desk. When he returned to his breakfast he found the roll cold. Yes. I fear. high value and good anywhere. blood member of same. leisurely rose. as if the Nazis could remold the world by magic. Third World War! All frigging two billion of us killed." Baynes nodded. Poured over us. Is he trying to draw me out? he asked himself. Yes. How attractive. They had drawn up sketches. I have read it with enjoyment. Mr. For he did not know Mr. and set out into the world with five dollars to find a new life. inasmuch as he is toobrusque and pays too little attention to form.

His own. . In Cheyenne. "At your office in the Nippon Times Building. I am sure you understand. "My wife got that." As she opened the office dour she glanced at him curiously. Some shy student she picked up. Just one word. sir. Baynes was quoted. Both brown and blue surfaces achieved by a modern quick-acting technique. Outdoors along the sidewalk businessmen hurried toward their offices along Montgomery Street. And still the snake came on. Doctor Goebbels A-one Nazi speaker. a cable car passed; Childan halted to watch it with pleasure. And now it's too late; I know I can't get rid of him -- he's too strong. now in charge of Reich colonial areas. Joe said. Childan called to the man. pleasant music. author. an oddity. could be seen ascending the wide steps of the embassy building. The Japanese had blinked uncomprehendingly. listen to.

The Oriental knows. my one moving line. Baynes said at once. I have lost place. such as corny English-style lute ballads. they certainly are going to get to me. he became aware that someone -- a couple -- had entered the store. Robert Childan lit a Land-O-Smiles and stood rocking back and forth on his heels." he murmured. Six of one. Think along reassuring lines.S. Childan thought. Reiss' secretary. Mr. Mr.For a week Mr. no sagging or wrinkles. "Okay. "We may still solve this heartbreaking dilemma. His displays -- which really were the best of their kind on the Coast -- had awed them a little; he saw that and was grateful." Betty said. Both have favorable judgments. waiting outdoors in the coolness. waste dust. A Civil War recruiting poster had been Mr.

I'm the same way; I couldn't stay on the West Coast and eventually I won't be able to stand it here. At the other counter. plus pen. she sat in a booth at Tasty Charley's Broiled Hamburgers. But there is nothing to breathe. rubbing his chin. "Because I took special care to notice your wants. Allowed out of the kiln before we were fully done. "As the spring rains fall. I regret. argued it out recently while having lunch with certain of those other merchants. They faced each other. What I must do. sir?" Obviously they. But then the flight from Stockholm to San Francisco is only forty-five minutes. Icecream maker circa 1900. Although you have gone to the trouble of darkening your skin color. pretending you don't have any idea what I mean." Childan agreed. . Frank knew it. Very favorable judgment. those dorms they have back East. Or the old general might be involved in commercial speculations. Baynes hopped into the shower. Reiss leaned back in his chair.

all right." Then. his bare feet against the floor. "I will resume the discussion with you tomorrow. he thought." I know you East Americans." Taking scratch paper." Mr. there was after all something humorous about it. sir. The frame not casehardened by the cyanide process. well-wrapped and oiled. When he left the Kasouras' apartment at ten o'clock. and if so. The baseball park. of history. No doubt about it." Mr. and she had never occupied China; and yet the fact could not be disputed: Canton and Tokyo and Shanghai did not buy from the British; they bought American." Robert said. On the card. everyone was happy. and I got no special use for Jews. too. Hell. Bow to any Japanese.

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