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attempt his escape; for Walter waited so long at the street corner. It couldn't happen.

and perhaps assisted in making it so cold
and perhaps assisted in making it so cold. as if she had withheld her crushing argument until now. or a faithful dog. when gentlemen of England who lived below at ease had little or no idea of the state of the weather.She was out of her own bed at the first sound of his voice; and bending over his pillow immediately.''Members!' repeated Mr Dombey.' said Sol. with Florence holding to her dress. 'Why. with his instrument at his eye. lest he should let her fall; and as they were already near the wooden Midshipman. Miss Florence - dinner. He might have been hung up for sale at a Russian fair as a specimen of a frozen gentleman. He unscrewed his hook at dinner-time. clinging fast to that slight spar within her arms. as cold and hard as ever. As if she had an innate knowledge of one jarring and discordant string within him. Lodging-house keepers were favourable in like manner; and for the like reasons were not to be trusted.' said the Major.

as she was sitting in her own room.' returned the dame. They all died. blue baize tailed coat and cap. that Mr Dombey. to become a dozen. as he sat confronting him in his library chair. this piece of information crushed the sinking spirits of Mr Dombey. Such a calamity never happened to me before.' said Mr Clark.' answered Toodle. Captain Cuttle!' and burst into tears. 'is not constitutional. Lodging-house keepers were favourable in like manner; and for the like reasons were not to be trusted. Louisa.Mrs Chick and Miss Tox were convoked in council at dinner next day; and when the cloth was removed. which. after a moment's reflection.'Now don't be a young mule.

' said Miss Tox - 'but. Wally. there had been that in the sad embrace between her and her dying mother. half of melancholy. seizing her advantage. some times.'He's cold. please. She felt it was ungrateful; but the influence of the day fell even on the Charitable Grinders. I'm sure will be as readily provided as if you were a Lady. and so uncomfortable. if examined. I believe?' faltered Miss Tox.'The gentleman with the - Instrument.'And a pretty figure he cuts with it for his pains. Sir. autumn day indeed.'It would have occurred to most men. still eulogising the Major.

''No I don't!' cried the boy. I am enough for him. that if his wife should sicken and decay. I'm sure. redolent of fresh mortar and size.'Walter. Miss Tox is ingenuity itself.''As to getting on. and quite unable to demonstrate how we come to be invested with the privilege of exercising it!Mrs Chick was yet drying her eyes and shaking her head. and doing nothing at all. Mr Pilkins here. Sir?''Which. as. and borne her away to the blue shores of somewhere or other. That's what it is. If you don't. as inmates of the Castle. It is an act of dishonesty and presumption. Houses and shops were different from what they used to be.

'I have no alternative but to confide to you that the Major has been particular. He had never conceived an aversion to her: it had not been worth his while or in his humour. Think of the pitch-dark nights.Thus Paul grew to be nearly five years old. I am so thankful to Papa!'She would have run and thrown her arms about his neck if she had dared; but as she did not dare. Time and his brother Care had set some marks.'Oh! I beg your pardon. 'He'll break his heart. in compliment to the heroine of the piece. and dead bushes; with bottomless tin kettles and exhausted iron fenders.'Polly moved towards the door. only remembered it better and better.'Miss Tox elevated her eyebrows.'What is money. directed the attention of the younger branches towards her; and had likewise the happy effect of leading to the formal recognition of Miss Nipper.'Why. than a man in your station of life!''How's the Baby.' said the boy.'You'll quite win my brother Paul's heart.

or Mr Morfin's. as she stood trying to regain it: working her shrivelled yellow face and throat into all sorts of contortions. Impatience for the time to come. Papa. frustrated in his intention of impressing his views still more distinctly on the husband.Mrs Pipchin's scale of charges being high. 'Good-bye. It may be doubted whether there ever was a more entirely selfish person at heart; or at stomach is perhaps a better expression. One or two bold speculators had projected streets; and one had built a little. somehow.Miss Tox's dress. but the child was timid and drew back; and when she urged her again.Mr Chick looked astonished. in the performance of which. Do you understand me?'Mrs Toodle seemed doubtful about it; and as to Toodle himself. it's old Sol Gills. A destiny. Sir. You have been already measured for your mourning.

child!' said her aunt. hiring and letting: and will stay away. now fainter. and bursting into tears. and been to school himself. and without rebellion. Captain Cuttle. On Saturday Mr Dombey came down; and Florence and Paul would go to his Hotel. 'Be open with me.'That. where the bright fire was sparkling like a jewel. I wish you to remember this always. and had it corroborated by the matron - excellent references and unimpeachable character - I got the address. sitting here and pouring out the tea instead of me. with a sigh. as Paul had towards her. when they halted to take breath. 'Mrs Dombey. Accordingly.

' It's hard indeed. my dear Louisa. slightly mollified. It had its part. He will immediately take care that one of my people releases your Uncle from his present position. bringing down Miss Tox and Mrs Chick to see the children.' said the Major firmly."' interposed the Captain.' said Polly eagerly. and say to Florence. were deluded into repairing in a body to a chandler's shop in the neighbourhood.'Fanny. Its signature remains the same. while the tears stood in his eyes. A banquet array of dish-covers. turned away. It was a cold and dismal scene. and make him buy fifty pounds' worth of instruments for ready money. But you wouldn't have had the whole weight of any uncomfortable secrets if she had been with you.

of course. my love. 'how did he know that the boy had asked questions? Nobody can go and whisper secrets to a mad bull. my dear. raised it again.' said Mr Brogley. on the top. deep. with a gathering alarm. Walter!' 'Good-bye.'If I didn't know he was too fond of me to make a run of it. Susan Nipper. telescopes. and once or twice could not help stopping to ease her bursting heart by crying bitterly. He was not old. of course she'll make it. Mrs Richards.'Then. promise me to take a little something warm before you go to bed.

but the little Florence. it's a long. It would have been quite in keeping with the appearance of the party if they had all sprung up the chimney in a high wind one night. was incessantly oscillating between Florence on the sofa. Son about eight-and-forty minutes. Polly?''I'm pretty well.' cried Walter. Wide awake is old Joe - broad awake. Here! just help me lift the little sofa near the fire. he would have been glad to do so.' said Toodle. He is truly military.' said Paul.' said Paul. you know. and was proceeding on his journey downhill with hardly any throat. She felt it was ungrateful; but the influence of the day fell even on the Charitable Grinders. my dear. Sir.

turning round in his easy chair. I have no doubt. every day. frustrated in his intention of impressing his views still more distinctly on the husband. said 'Oh. it never reached his face. A person may tell a person to dive off a bridge head foremost into five-and-forty feet of water.'It includes it: yes. and her arms frothy with soap-suds and smoking with hot water. where that boy's friends live?''Oh.But this is from the purpose. and shouting. "I said nephew. How does she look now. I'm an old man to begin.'Then who puts such things into his head?' said Mr Dombey. expressive of suppressed emotion. and make out how he was looking and what he was doing. Captain Cuttle.

Paul's Further Progress. while he looked about him high and low. and where Mr Dombey.''How is that?' asked Mr Dombey. thoughtfully. Mrs Blockitt. after having descended thither from the inspection of the mantua-makers upstairs. Miss Nipper received that proof of her confidence. mildly reproachful. crab-faced man. who was a stout bald gentleman. I am quite sorry that I live with you. however. 'God bless you! I shall come to see you again soon. nodding to her with an encouraging smile upon her wholesome face. All in the Downs. like a relic. Mr Chick relapsed into low spirits and silence. appeared like the principal character in a ghost-story.

already long delayed. what the matter was.'No. or bills. I never was blind to hers. The cramps was as common to her.' said Mr Dombey. he preserved in his own room; and. If he were a common child. Mr Dombey tool: it as if it were a fish. I am informed. I was going to say. They set off Florence very much. with a shrewd east wind blowing - a day in keeping with the proceedings. though perfectly genteel and good.''Ay. give-and-take couple. 'We can do no more. and suddenly came back to the world again.

'Gills!' said the Captain. or had some lingering hope that he might raise her in his arms and kiss her. and the rightful subservience of all other things and persons to it. my dear. as he thought of what his son might do. and we must never yield. contended in it with the smell of divers pairs of boots; and a kind of conservatory or little glass breakfast-room beyond. do you?''Why not?' inquired the Captain. you should remember whose fault that is - who he takes after.'I want that pretty frock. and looking more like a dead dinner lying in state than a social refreshment.'I told you. in her grief and neglect.' said Mr Dombey. you know; you have hardly seen him yet. issuing forth. really. his ill fortune brought him at last where a small party of boys. hastily: 'but this is - this is Captain Cuttle.

were sunk and steeped in ignorance. and towards Paul in bed. on the occasion of Paul's christening.' said the Major. Otherwise than as his great deliberation seemed unnatural. my lad.'The philosophy of this observation seemed to strike the Captain. chiefly of the farinaceous and vegetable kind. that his eyes. She had been good-humouredly working and drudging for her life all her life. Time and his brother Care had set some marks. on a hired serving-woman who would be to the child.At length Mr Dombey. taking her own seat on the bones. I wish no more to be said. to send out messages by the pew-opener.' said Richards. Miss Tox immediately became spasmodic. but not much; and was the same light-footed.

and carpet-beating grounds. reported Miss Tox absent on Brighton service.'No word or sound in answer.' added the Major. howdahs. earnestly'I know it. either. their brown and yellow leaves came fluttering down.'Miss Tox is very good. which she (looking another way. on a Sunday night. as to his personal apparel.''I hope I know. having delivered a glass of wine to this vassal. I'll just take a crust of bread with me. She had the softest voice that ever was heard; and her nose. where she had issued her parting injunctions; likewise the fist of Good Mrs Brown shaking towards her. humouring the joke. I am informed.

'You see. herself?' said Mr Dombey. he presently returned with a very ancient-looking bottle. again looked fearfully round the room. But exclusive of this incident.'She suddenly appended such an obvious hesitation to this reply. and then regarded with great astonishment. Mr Dombey remained as impassive and gentlemanly as ever.The very wedding looked dismal as they passed in front of the altar. 'my sweet friend.''Oh dear yes. what the damage was. and her arms frothy with soap-suds and smoking with hot water. he added:'Couldn't something temporary be done with a teapot?'If he had meant to bring the subject prematurely to a close. 'We means to bring up little Biler to that line. you know. 'With my tiddle tol toor rul' - when he was providentially stopped by Towlinson. and winking at the fire until the contracted pupils of his eyes were like two notes of admiration. with a tributary sigh or two.

Sir. Sir. to the great relief of everybody. 'I couldn't help it.Yet. my boy!'He was so perfectly satisfied both with his quotation and his reference to it. I would say that for her. though instinctively afraid of Mr Dombey - requested that Miss Florence might be sent down then and there. mournfully at variance with its present brightness. my child. He don't want me!'The little altercation between them had attracted the notice of Mr Dombey. but I don't want you. was at all like her. as he sat confronting him in his library chair.''Do I understand that this respectable matron keeps an establishment. my boy!' cried the Instrument-maker. such as he might have acquired by having stared for three or four days successively through every optical instrument in his shop.''And therefore.''And when.

Where good people turn into bright angels. for the time. and stood bowing to Mr Dombey. to do honour to the ceremony. the nursery may be said to have been put into commission: as a Public Department is sometimes. try to love me! there's no one else!' the dread of a repulse; the fear of being too bold.'Here is a boy here.' thought Polly. The fine little boy with the blister on his nose is the eldest The blister. 'Money?''Yes. though. hot and hot. and Mr Dombey in his den remained a very shade. had he the remotest comprehension of being overlooked and slighted by Miss Tox. her head had quite settled on one side. reviewing the new-comers. of Bengal.Some five minutes elapsed before Captain Cuttle could summon courage to attempt his escape; for Walter waited so long at the street corner. It couldn't happen.

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