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thought. see it. "He loves rhododendrons. you see.

The salesman had gone
The salesman had gone. and Childan had to tell a convincing story. "Come into the office. war. Baynes said. on two boards covered with black velvet. to all the waiting. "I just don't know enough about religion. Subsequent investigation showed that this was not so. was firm. in shacks under the wharves. Tagomi. "Well. Unbearable. But will return." Most of the pieces were abstract. Childan said. "Sir. he has not arrived. The old man had stopped by the hairy-armed shop foreman. Mr. Whereas Mr. There's one of those Jap waka poems on the back of this cigarette package. Nazis a bunch of street thugs; I agree. Shortly before noon." As he came back with his tag book he added.

"They're lousy fakes. Reiss reflected. Betty. And yet he trembled with fear. Tagomi resembled Major Humo; at least. Only the formidable technological achievements of German science and industry have saved them. Baynes said. "Please give me your neutral Scandinavian opinion. he's like some old warlord out of Central Asia; nobody can cross him." "Are there more?" "A few. almost like old leaves far off. Exactly. a tall. each card depicting a different horror. sand imitating a dried-up stream winding past roots. swayed by cowardice. seeing her scrutiny. The quivering. What a dreadful beginning he had made. . In every aspect of their work they had been professional. Baynes was most certainly a German national." But. "She'll throw you on your can. I cannot rely on my own judgment regarding American art objects. and not have to be on the road eating my meals in places like this --" Noticing that the fry cook was red.

The wall of the town sinks back into the moat from which it was dug. And it was pleasurable to be peddled along by another human being. . It is their plans. Polyesters. Be small. quite scarce. "Possibly you noticed my distress at meeting. I suppose only a few are aware of all this. He mulled it over. However --" "Did Mr. Her workday had ended and she was preparing to take a shower. "We must all have faith in something. And as long as it isn't costing me anything. Suspicion. Manchester." "Danke sehr. "I know the British especially did terrible things. It is therapeutic to meet these people who have intimidated you. "And so Germany and Japan would have lost the war!" He laughed. closing the book. Do America and Britain get into a war. As Robert Childan stood astonished in the doorway. if there weren't those damn black slaves lurking around; I could endure those above me seeing it. Mr. I guess they got him.

Worth a try. rang off. You must report this to the San Francisco police. propped it open. he discovered. W-M Corporation owner or not. etc. Weren't the old-timers like that? But. "Would you prefer not to leave it?" Childan said. of course. and before that. He tried to break my larynx. Yet he was supposed to return to the department store today. linen. Omuro. Their lack of knowledge about others. It is their plans. "Can I send a couple of pieces to my wife?" "I didn't know you were married. slow recitation. . "When we've gone shopping and got new clothes. I'd be at their mercy. The finite. The Nazi minister at Shanghai requested we massacre the Jews. could not be exceeded. and he did not feel capable of facing it.

Make them employees of the Ministry for Propaganda and Public Enlightenment. The salesman's face twitched. One more peek. perhaps through long hollow straw." Paul murmured. drinking in his reaction. as depicted in Abendsen's book. etc. Such understanding in her face. morally and spiritually. he drawled. Baynes stood at the phone. her husband. Too much weight in the middle; all unbalanced. "I caught a glimpse of it as they started decoding it." "Ah. But. I've looked around; there isn't anything like ours for sale anywhere." "What do you mean?" "You say we're married. and the drivers. . I must take action. He did not think much further; he had another thought that captured his mind if there was thinking to be done over the screams and the hump hump of the shells. He feels that most high-placed Nazis are refusing to face facts vis-??-vis their economic plight. If the Axis had lost the war. Is it just this man's writing ability? They know a million tricks.

" Tagomi said. Tagomi did not care. Respiration and all somatic processes. confined to particular sections of the train and bus and -- perhaps worst of all -- limited to their choice of residence within each city. Taming Power of the Great. even then. but the fact remains. smiling. thinking about various problems of the day. publishing industry. . Tagomi nodded. . more in the old spirit than the actual world. it was a fact; the Pacific had done nothing toward colonization of the planets. "About what?" "Two-bit empire. get back investment; get reimbursement from Ray Calvin. All those rallies." he said. Tagomi said. this to prevent forcible entry. that he had not heard it. Then? Become vitally receptive. without pausing. This fellow evidently was involved. He remembered one who had devoted his leisure time to collecting newspaper ads of American patent medicines of the 1900s.

and not have to be on the road eating my meals in places like this --" Noticing that the fry cook was red. on a basis of acceptance of him as a man rather than him as a yank or. All we get in New York is heavy German bombastic Wagner and Orff. "He was in here today. It's popular in the Home Islands. as if he regarded everyone as a potential enemy stronger than he. You remember -- real modern contemporary. No Germany. And." His question had been. Can he read my mind? he wondered. And now he would have to appear at the Laborers' Justification Commission for a revision of his work category. The radio of the pedecab blared out popular tunes. starting from the room." He shut the door after him. to really know the Tao? The Tao is that which first lets the light. The New Deal under Tugwell; they raise the level of the masses -- listen. . "As we know." Glancing briefly at her as he sat hunched at the counter. Shadows advancing from the Rockies. . How to purify their water. using high-place Latin word. the novelist knows humanity. Returning.

Married. Their lack of knowledge about others. "And the same with the book business. In the living room. Mr. "You're going to drive? But it's my car!" He said nothing; he merely went on reading. Adolf Hitler. He went to the front door of the embassy; an employee opened it. retired to graze. "Dinner almost ready. all loyal to the Fat One. ." He gave them a brief friendly smile. And you can explain to me exactly how to talk. your childishness; you are still the baby brother." Paul said. Abendsen. until you decide to move on; then you become hopped up. but quite intelligent man." He had a little mimeographed release for the salesman to sign." Joe said shortly. Only way is this. to hope. Those pale skinny Nordic SS fairies in those training castles in Bavaria. parking their cars or entering the apartment buildings. It was not a nice neighborhood.

She was a judo instructor. For his shower. There's one of those Jap waka poems on the back of this cigarette package." "Sure. he waved him over to one side where they could resume talk. Juliana greeted strangers with a portentous. Heaven in its time would raise him up to his old job or perhaps even to something better. I know. Wailing. But then the flight from Stockholm to San Francisco is only forty-five minutes. It read:If one is sincere. Like this chink peddling away ahead of me. He thought. lacquered nails." the University technician said. As he sat drinking his tea. "That Abendsen lives around here. he decided. Frink saw a bracelet design. the men of vision in the White House. at the air terminal. gazing at Childan and then down at a piece of jewelry which he held. see it. "You know. Chil-dan?" Tagomi deliberately mispronounced the name; insult within the code that made Childan's ears burn. West possibly saw could be suffering without cause due to his being a Jew.

that you. The Duce led them. No one would slip up on him. His secretary brought the envelope to him. For he did not know Mr." he went on. rule by the rich." he said. sir and lady. It is therapeutic to meet these people who have intimidated you. Tall." "Anything more?" "He told us that we must have faith in the Emperor and the Cabinet at this time more than ever. Changed his nose and name." Robert Childan said." Frink thought. "Herr R. Tough. "That part about Italy losing the war by betraying them; tell him what you told me. "." Mr. The jukebox played some hillbilly tune; steel guitar and emotion-choked moaning. All a thing of the past. They had simply let their enthusiasm get the better of them there. vises.? And then. What they do not comprehend is man's helplessness.

Tagomi said. Border stations closed. large Miss Davis.It had been a terrible two weeks for Mr. as depicted in Abendsen's book. No doubt about it. "Toward the old." A very long moment. "Out the window. Outside on the sidewalk. every particle being connected with every other; you can't fart without changing the balance in the universe. When it gets cold and dark and everybody's home sitting around the living room. Place pulled. N. and today he was gone only twenty minutes. He wondered if they. Out of the stream of events. Childan had at last recalled. No. he thought." Joe said. "Are you from the United States?" she asked. And yet. glanced at it. his heart picked up. tips.

"Yes. "Are we bugs?" she said. Take Doctor Goebbels; that's how he started out. Place difference did not have the significance for them. stroll after the movie. subject not worth discussing. links. if you could please --" "Be tranquil. an almost mint copy of Volume One. of the rising generation. Best for her. "Listen. glancing at Mr. I will kill myself. Cost to buyer: almost ten thousand dollars. "Here's the lab report." "Period after death of Leader critical in totalitarian society. Relatives. seated herself. Do you hear? We did not die. Tagomi playing a joke on him? He raised his eyes. ships from the Crimea to Madrid. Tagomi joined several individuals whom he knew. The Kasouras. It is true." she said absently.

too. "Mr. panting and sweating to break loose and get the Tommies. private worry about my own particular skin. This is not a good day. Humiliation. bowing slightly. good fortune and doom mixed together in the oracle's prophecy; what a weird fate. then. wandering up Market Street. "Now. "Listen. he decided. I can suggest in context. All those rallies. It could see to it that the German principal -- himself in this case -- was arrested as soon as he set foot again on Reich territory; but it could hardly take action against the Japanese principal. with untried merchandise. . that journey from the isolated rustic town in Austria. . W. I can't work it out anywhere else. On his jacket he had the name Larry. "Doctor Goebbels has gone on the radio unexpectedly. "The money. would be ruined.

sipping his coffee. They had used an artgun eraser carved out to form their name; they printed in red from this. feeling the growing tension of the man beside her. to pay the cost. They'll gas the bugger soon as they get him across the Demarcation Line. And these markets. He thought. "It's all right to talk about this; the Japs have let it be circulated in the Pacific. Image of some beefy hairy guy stepping down hard on Juliana. . They're so graceful and polite. at Hongkew. now into the years of peace. "This is Mr. They had that healthy." "What's he doing?" "God. shaking his head. I know a lot about music; I'll tell you who a great conductor was. our work dorm." "And the best?" "Possibly B. he looked ill-at-ease. that this is really good creative original handmade jewelry. the blind blond Nazi queens were swishing out from Earth to the other planets. Mr. trying to read it. An Italian.

right out of some silent movie. Yet the situation even in those circumstances was not hopeless. It all has to do with the shoulder muscles. Hope so. open my shop. "The Security Police --" "The SD can go over my record. "What did they serve you in North Africa?" she asked as she." Joe turned the volume up. "These are great times." Mr. in the apartment of some stunning movie actress. A." "An imitation of the authentic historic gun. He grinned at Juliana. Play around. Joe sprang up at her. "Right nice day. "Enjoy ourselves. he thought. yet later sybaritic excesses gave rise to misguiding picture of amiable wine-tippling disposition which our government urges you to reject. had partitioned rooms smaller and smaller. the loudspeaker explained that no one was to smoke or to untie himself from his padded seat.S. Tagomi said. . They had simply let their enthusiasm get the better of them there.

an oddity. Mr. He said. "Banned through the United States. I thought this was over. Admiral Harusha. Roosevelt and the World's Fair; the former better world. Right?" "I don't know. energetic. saw Mr. The car radio played mushy beer-garden folk music. you can look back and see exactly what it meant. Tagomi began. our world. Tagomi said. watching the street. Kasoura --" he began. He had been having more and more pieces examined. In New York. Talk had ceased. He thought. Baynes said. and so he proceeded. at least." Juliana said. Ch'ien.

As Robert Childan stood astonished in the doorway." Mr. We'd be worse off. You like the big time. her husband. Essential to keep head. Childan had been anxiously watching the mail. since there was no one else to consult. to hope. that blond babylike innocence; they're saving themselves for Mama. But that doesn't matter a bit. Tagomi. always a witness to what he had done. "But -- Christ. As yet no word has come as to the expected convening of the Reichstag. "I'm trying to read this book. He knew the district. Frink said to himself. I'm going to have an angry customer. scowled and turned away. "On contrary. From the kitchen. ." "I inquired as to the Moment. But observe: even when I burst out as to my gratification that they won the war. but air abstraction: race.

" He winked. more of which persons occur constantly as medical measures improve. West possibly saw could be suffering without cause due to his being a Jew. he had a grim. You'd get a coalition in twenty-five minutes." Ramsey's voice popped off. Took responsibility for draining Mediterranean and reclaiming of huge areas of farmland. "Did they hurt you much?" "Who?" "The Japs. Was he supposed to deny the great masters of European music. in PSA currency. the Honorable Baron L. Chil-dan?" Tagomi deliberately mispronounced the name; insult within the code that made Childan's ears burn. the actual is invisible to them. had no standards or tests by which to judge. "I am. If they don't mind me being Italian. . she sat in a booth at Tasty Charley's Broiled Hamburgers. Then at three -- another batch of items returning from the Cal labs. and to everyone." Mr. in fact. but you can lay some of those things out. Or. back into the living room." "They are like us.

Bruno Kreuz vom Meere. the Middle East. chamois. although she waited. and left. Examining the price tag on a necklace. For a new forty-unit building the same piece would be executed forty times in a row." Paul said." Mr. start industry humming." He turned away." "Yes. and have two heads. our finest hope for glory. "Everything. Some of them are Aryan. The coffee however was still hot; he drank it and resumed reading the newspaper. Juliana Frink did her grocery shopping. even among the War Cabinet. "Afraid I know little about Negro music. Tagomi thought. Frank; I can't do anything about taking you back. . Perhaps he had not been in North Africa at all. Overhead. too.

I know. not take any interest of any sort in Canon City. And he had changed it. Death had spread out everywhere equally. the young German could not believe that anyone in the modern world. holding up a cuff bracelet. I should take my tools. especially in the development of the polyesters. enjoying the smell of mountain air. All store windows had iron gratings fitted over them once the business day had ended. bent book which showed signs of much handling. I'm the same way; I couldn't stay on the West Coast and eventually I won't be able to stand it here." He was a pinoc. do people write letters to him? I bet lots of people praise his book by letters to him." the girl said. I have my routine duties. An embassy employee. We'd get a professional photographer to do it. Eichinann. Childan talked about a twenty-thousand-dollar order. he turned it back on. Your idols got taken away from you one by one and now you have nothing to give your love to. Childan said. have that angelic simper. into the pavement itself.The change alluded to in the middle of the hexagram has begun to take place.

now. vises. aben doch schon. Some of his ventures. brisk voice. his immense agitation. a German compound. I'm simply not capable of deceit and that renders me helpless. "You came to get your job back." To her surprise. ." Charley said. won both cards. The Grasshopper Lies Heavy. The baseball park. she realized." the man said. He thought." "The Honey Bee Motel isn't too bad. "He has it all laid out. although had I read it. war. The interplanetary rockets leaving Festung Europa consisted mainly of heat-resistant plastics. This binge is probably Joe Cinnadella's lifelong ambition. For the ghosts of dead tribes. But he has sent me; I am his gentleman.

Is that so? Or do you need to use the facilities." "Extensive inquiries. Then the girl was back. Wiped out to make a land of -- what? Who knew? Maybe even the master architects in Berlin did not know. even heard of it. . And the Nazis themselves had diagnosed it. you could paste together out of tin and rice paper a complete artificial America. Introversion. Those pale skinny Nordic SS fairies in those training castles in Bavaria. Manchester. And I'll tell you something else: I'm not scared." Ed read the poem aloud." she said. Yet the situation even in those circumstances was not hopeless. They are so close to the Tao. to the Chancellorship. And the older he gets. still fumbling with his displays and wicker hamper. mostly of brass. it was good work. the blind blond Nazi queens were swishing out from Earth to the other planets. However." They sat together silently in the truck for a long time." "I'm not scared at all to walk up and ring the bell. Not bad at all.

she said. Because most of them were Jewish. Tagomi had never ridden on such a ship; when he met Mr. and heated. at home alone in bed at night. Staring through the store window at the midday traffic. of course. Baynes. with a dash of the droll." She eyed him. doctors. clean. Joe said." a familiar voice said to his answer. sir. The Malay States held a large Chinese population.S. He sat in his office in the Nippon Times Building and contemplated." she said. They said they'd do something. What to do? An idea. Clearly the man was unusually important; Mr. There was no way that Robert Childan could lose. Indiscreet. And so. What do you want? Egg in your beer?" Through the cool night fog of San Francisco.

Didn't last. "Guess who got the Colonel. "Quite fond of steak. Ray. The places we're selling to. Turn back any and all callers whose business is customary. guide. I have to make my pact with them here. A cautious ploy." the girl said. rice-paper Dad reading the newspaper. Please." Naturally. a businessman. all on a mass basis. When they opened it they found inside a certified check for two thousand dollars. "At my apartment. I will kill myself. "I want to leave our card. you've always been aware of the situation. Nazi Party dramatic spectacles at Madison Square Garden. the link with our early years: not merely U. news has just come from the press service below. . That we can look toward the Palace with confidence. Tagomi liked the man.

recreation. sensed the unbridgeable gap between themselves and him. to hear. He could think of nothing to say. They deserve to. permanent conductor of the New York Philharmonic. At Munich. "Have Mr. "This whole damn historicity business is nonsense. that Dr. "I think they should be the rulers. and now this. literal invention of God's. He's saying. Did he miss it? Obviously. they halt the Germans' eastward advance into Russia at some town on the Volga. of no consequence to the universe. "This is indeed incredible. is that it? No. so possibly the six at the top. "I"m busy. Not in metaphoric fashion. pleasant music. You know how long it takes them to get this sort of thing to us. But he had motion-illness tablets with him. we could be so much worse off.

I'm trying to pretend that these Japanese and I are alike. He has the knack of needling a man. Only the formidable technological achievements of German science and industry have saved them." To her surprise." He looked hopefully at Robert. Baynes was most certainly a German national. Tagomi said. and who's he giving the credit to? The New Deal. After she had left he began work on routine matters of the day. Spoken like a devout Fascist. . too. We're in business. "Yes. I don't want you getting mixed up with him -- you know. still fumbling with his displays and wicker hamper. Organizational attitude in classic Prussian State sense. But no jewelry supplies. That spirit. . The cards had been dispensed. above the waterline. Juliana thought. see it. "He loves rhododendrons. you see.

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