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me light your candle. Thus he was incidentally enabled to discuss the fortunes of Lucy.

Much better not
Much better not. said Lucy.They shook hands with the clergyman. Nothing about the past. I dont think so.Dont you think it very plucky of her. Then he brings us here. I really cant stop. she always dispensed drinks to the men. may ISurely he could answer her civilly for one half hourCecil has a very high standard for people. What nonsense I do talk but that is the kind of thing. and down here he cant. Only. there is no question of some one else in this. Lucy.She sent for Miss Bartlett. I dont.

scattering Freddys bundle with a kick. we shall see him when he sees you off. and she grew more and more vexed at his dignified behaviour. A little deferentially. its rather a pity you asked her to stop. he said Im so glad you only talked about books. That will be just the proper thing. I forget why harmony or something. How cruel she would be to a man like thatLook at the lights going over the bridge. At all events he greeted him with. He hustled them so quickly that he forgot his hat. Miss Honeychurch you are going to marry the man you love. I do beg. We despise the body less than women do. So please. I have said both to her and Cecil that I met the Emersons at Florence.Let me just put your bonnet away.

dreadful frozen Charlotte. then. He has been most kind. leant over his Rectory gate. thats enough.I must say Cousin Charlotte was very kind to me that year I called on my bike. he turned to Miss Bartlett. Emerson.Ah. but she had forgotten how to treat his father.And.You say Mr.That was all. nothing appears to please him. She is not frozen.So will you. Do you remember in that church.

At her throat is a garnet brooch. love which is the most real thing that we shall ever meet.Mrs. indeed.I want more independence. while the shadows from three banisters passed over her face like the beat of wings. She must be more careful; her mother was rather inquisitive. at the springing of one of the great buttresses that supported the hill. she found she had forgotten it. Please do not put Private outside your envelope again. He did not want to hear about hydrangeas. Im sorry about it. and youve promised to take in Minnie Beebe because of the diphtheria scare. No. and has asked him up here on Sunday. Cecil. I should practically be robbing the one who lost.

Emerson forgot himself on the mountain. I must get away. They had fair warning. It sometimes seemed as if she planned every word she spoke or caused to be spoken; as if all this worry about cabs and change had been a ruse to surprise the soul.I know but it seems so odd. is a public performance on the violin. She kept it without hypocrisy in the morning. and what other source is thereMiss Bartlett considered. You have each other and all these woods to walk in.But. Butterworth yourselfNot in that way. with a choky abruptness that was new to him. though familiar to Lucy. Such music is not for the piano.Come along tea. either.Race you round it.

dont leave at least. We are flung together by Fate. bare chested. or she could not play the piano as she did. who had now appeared. Honeychurch was shattered.Oh.W. George comes down to morrow. like many anothers. Passion is sanity. but by Apollo. and their stench was soon dispersed by the wind and replaced by the scent of the wet birches or of the pines. theres a good chap. and protect them. Cecil.Our visitors never do such dreadful things.

Honeychurch. and his white face.She sent for Miss Bartlett.Stop thine ear against the singer Wait a minute she is finishing. mother; Cecils all right. The light was behind you. I cannot break the whole of life for his sake. looked around him. Vyse managed to scrape together a dinner-party consisting entirely of the grandchildren of famous people. what a noise youre making I have something to say to you. John ascending. he must acquiesce she was choosing the better part.But to Cecil.Oh. for the second time. Butterworth. wasted love.

Beebe. I have no time for the tenderness. He saw that the needful fire had been kindled in Lucy. Harris. No eloquence was his. and Im thankful hes gone. Im certain thats the old mans doing. and he opened his eyes. What advantage would he get from being a cad. who always expected people to walk up the hill in case they tired him. A chance word to a chattering friend. drawn apart. The Sacred Lake would never be the same again.Quite so. and Lucy suspected that he and her mother would get on rather well. Beebe.Let me introduce Mr.

A chance word to a chattering friend. Well. and her mother. horrible.She put out the lamp. Why will men have theories about women I havent any about men. My admirer will hardly trouble me again. but as a brave child frowns when he is trying not to cry. My admirer will hardly trouble me again. shaped like a rhinoceros horn. but from his own soul.Signorino.I say. not a discussion. when you have deceived themMr. she said I have carefully thought things over. Lucy.

he slipped back Cecil rejoined her they reached the upper lawn alone. No. Mr. dear.Lucy passed into Schumann. that we should be like this of course.Lucy paused. Charlotte knew them even less than I did. When it came to the point. Miss HoneychurchIt is not rubbish said the old man hotly. Yet his voice gathered strength he spoke out to make certain Miss Honeychurch.Mr. Exactly. If Charlotte had only known. To whom do you refer Trust whomI mean she has pretended to you that she did not love George. There you are. one oughtnt to laugh.

since you have heard a little it was that he is so masterful. Emerson pursued them dispensing good wishes and philosophy. with his foot upon a gout stool. Surely it was better not to speak until I felt certain. Honeychurch.After you left Florence horrible. Beebe. Honeychurchs neck.For the air rang with the shrieks of Minnie. Emerson. picking up his racquet from the floor and preparing to go. not yet. We cast a shadow on something wherever we stand. She was turning to go as he woke up. but to stop.Yes. The style of her How she kept to Schumann when.

Emerson claimed her with much warmth. Cecil said one day and I thought it so profound that there are two kinds of cads the conscious and the subconscious. and it would have remained a little thing. and she saw to the bottom of her soul.He would find Miss Minnie down in the garden. It would have made things easier for her. a door open opposite and the younger Emerson man come out. Unless the young man considers that he knows me already. It was expensive and dramatic both qualities that her mother loathed. while the tears poured over her cheeks inside.What line is he taking upNo line. who had been ostentatiously drinking his tea at the view. I will bow. though I beg you not to. Emerson and he insulted me again. said Cecil. I only called in aimlessly.

she paused. and Im thankful hes gone. old lady thank you for putting away my bonnet kiss me. HulloIve brought some one to see you. I hate seeings off. we are so sorry George is so sorry He thought he had a right to try. added I agree with you. he thought them silly little things. Mr.Youve a bad habit of hurrying away in the middle of ones sentences. I am very sorry. She greeted Cecil with unusual radiance.Then you dont see the wonder of this Greek visit. Vyse does stop behind in England. I should practically be robbing the one who lost. I behaved like a cad to Beebe and to your brother. Honeychurch.

How odd girls areWhats that called Lucy.I met them on the hill. Emerson. because you said she would blame you for not being always with me. Leaving him to be annoyed. if you could come with your son we should be so pleased. and yet Lucy makes this difficulty when we try to give her some little return. EMERSON what are you talking aboutWhen I wouldnt have George baptized. the trees groaned. I havent. I cant explain her any other way. but stood. I see youre cleverEh I see youre going to be clever.How dare you gasped Lucy.Her long.One thing and another.Now kiss me here then here.

And you are right.Has Italy filled you with the fever of travel Perhaps George Emerson is right. since the expedition looked like a failure. that reminds me you never told me what Charlotte said in her letter. I think three is such a courageous number to go travelling. I wish it was bigger. You have gone too far to retreat.Youre shocked.I I see what you mean. He saidYes. Jump in.What I mean by subconscious is that Emerson lost his head. was to help not only Lucy.You dont mean. It is true.Let me light your candle. Thus he was incidentally enabled to discuss the fortunes of Lucy.

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