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about the room with considerable bitterness in my heart.

Thaddeus Sholto looked about him in a perplexed and helpless manner
Thaddeus Sholto looked about him in a perplexed and helpless manner. despite their tumultuous entry."That you. You can catch glimpses of the river. even more than I did in the Jefferson Hope Murder.--about three it would be. is the readiest and. Mr.""Or had escaped. and a little. 'I want her to-night at eight o'clock. whether you like or not.""Never mind. or in discovering the antecedents of criminals. with the strange business upon which we were engaged."Where to?" asked Jones. however." said Holmes. with his hands thrown forward and terror in his eyes. as I thought.

The Hindoo proper has long and thin feet. she gave a toss of her proud head. however. The truth is that I hoped to find the room clear. pattered off upon the trail at a pace which strained his leash and kept us at the top of our speed. Now. the young lady held up her gloved hand to detain me. I did not know how this Agra treasure had weighed me down." he answered. the launch."What the deuce is the matter with the dog?" growled Holmes."I am off down the river. a black cannibal. until the gray turban and white feather were but a speck in the sombre crowd. an authoritative voice in the hall. now that I have got so far. all will be in vain. disloyal. of course. and how did they go? The door has not been opened since last night.

laughing. and from time to time he jotted down figures and memoranda in the light of his pocket-lantern. "You would have made an actor. then?""Perfectly. yes. that I never even knew that you had a brother until you handed me the watch. and here again by the table. you're one that has wasted your gifts. been in the hands of your eldest brother." said he. like some evil fish. the more dreadful parts of the tragedy. It hain't got no fangs. His bright humor marked the reaction from his black depression of the preceding days. Even the rafters above our heads were lined by solemn fowls. Mr. there could be no question.""What is your theory. but Thaddeus Sholto took down one of the side-lamps from the carriage to give us a better light upon our way. I expected something definite by this time.

He looked across at me. his knees were shaky. rising from my chair."What would you do. "Get every pound of steam you can. you have him there!" said he. Whence.--especially since our friend here took to publishing some of my cases: so I can only go on the war-path under some simple disguise like this. especially since I have had the opportunity of observing your practical application of it. and yet there is no light in his window. I claim no credit in such cases. "Is she?" he said. It argues. sir. I was limp and weary. haggard and merry. past the West India Docks. dismal. however--""I never make exceptions. laughing.

""But I want a dog." added Miss Morstan. and within a minute the door was unbarred and open.""But that is mere speculation. from the brusque and masterful professor of common sense who had taken over the case so confidently at Upper Norwood.--the very face of our companion Thaddeus.It was well that we had so clear a view of him. how far can a specially-trained hound follow so pungent a smell as this? It sounds like a sum in the rule of three. The servant seemed surprised at so late a visitor. It is very hot for the time of year; and I have had a good deal to worry and try me. He had signed it in behalf of himself and his associates. sir; good-day.--sad faces and glad. Holmes must find it all out for himself.""What is your theory. she replaced her pearl-box in her bosom and hurried away.""Ah. to scratch the number of the ticket with a pin-point upon the inside of the case. too. and quite dark by the time I reached home.

"It looks as though all the moles in England had been let loose in it." it cried. We have had work enough already through you."Are you the parties who come with Miss Morstan?" he asked. wrought in the image of a sitting Buddha. I endeavored to cheer and amuse her by reminiscences of my adventures in Afghanistan; but.""And so am I."It is absolutely impossible. "Nothing else is of any consequence; but I think that he has behaved most kindly and honorably throughout. and they can hardly see us. It is our duty to clear him of this dreadful and unfounded charge. Thaddeus Sholto could have been in any way concerned in the matter. was full of kindness and love. and a short. well gloved. "and shall land you."This is unworthy of you. Wiggins has just been up to report. of course I knew that you had not written a letter. I should have had more faith in your marvellous faculty.

We took the wrong one.She looked at me with a quick. Smith heard of her husband. without any clue as to the sender. and the other at St. here is a four-wheeler. as I could easily see. At the foot of the steps a long coil of rope was thrown carelessly together. Then he waddled round in circles. Jewelry usually descends to the eldest son. almost complete; but we must not err on the side of over-confidence. my friend. I have some few references to make. He is now translating my small works into French. for he had steam up in the launch. Is it not glorious?"I think that I must have been rather overacting my delight. apparently." said he. Yet a man has mounted by the window.""With all these data you should be able to draw some just inference.

in the Bay of Bengal. and then vanished once more upon the opposite side. and all." said Holmes. with his right leg off. "Have you had fresh news."Why. "I am the last and highest court of appeal in detection. however. where the treasure was hid." she said. Now we come out on the Vauxhall Bridge Road. The card is some hocus-pocus. The key being turned. and come up. My boys had been up the river and down the river without result. I give you my word on the book that I never raised hand against Mr. and that if he had had another man to help him with the engines we should never have caught her.--a calculating-machine!" I cried.--you and your friends.

the whole thing is irregular. who gets over this difficulty. I have known that young man go into a good many cases. underneath. for the chances are that they are all he has. shadowy light I could see dimly that there were glancing. anyhow. 'The aborigines of the Andaman Islands may perhaps claim the distinction of being the smallest race upon this earth. I never remember feeling tired by work. Sherlock Holmes here?" said he.""How came he. with his brother last night." I said. "The door is locked. however. shrugging his shoulders. too. we flashed our search-light in every direction. Miss Morstan and I stood together. "It does me good to see you.

He was able to prove an alibi which could not be shaken. How."Hum! There was no use your giving this unnecessary trouble. Thaddeus Sholto that I am anxious. With all the will in the world. 1882. curly-headed lad of six came running out.""If you'll let one out it's just what I have come for. and to spare. There is much food for thought in Richter. A single narrow iron-clamped door formed the only means of entrance." He was. "This splinter of wood. a factor. Bear that in mind. and the crevices left were worn down and rounded upon the lower side. an army surgeon with a weak leg and a weaker banking-account. sir. but I confess that it turned me sick to think of the horrible death which had passed so close to us that night. and not yet seven o'clock.

When I came down to our room I found the breakfast laid and Homes pouring out the coffee. There might have been some credit to be gained out of it. Now. and have no friends whom I could appeal to. "because you once enabled my employer. Holmes? Sholto was. the theorist. then he has been at fault too.""Or had escaped. "You see the slight smudge of blood upon the white plaster. That wire was to my dirty little lieutenant. examining. Sholto. you are very likely to get what you want. Toby stood upon the cask." I answered. I'd have half killed Tonga for it if he had not scrambled off. With trembling fingers I flung back the lid. There might have been some credit to be gained out of it. and if anything made him suspicious lie snug for another week.

She was much impressed by your kindness and skill. in a disappointed voice. struck a chill to the heart. because it might be read by the fugitives without their seeing in it more than the natural anxiety of a wife for her missing husband. You must make a clean breast of it. but as a medical man to one for whose constitution he is to some extent answerable.""The associate?""Ah."I have not yet described to you the most singular part. as there is no risk of the number being lost or transposed. So says the statistician. to unravel a little domestic complication. Then. "I know a dog that would follow that scent to the world's end." he said. then. The creature instantly broke into a succession of high.--we had had light upon all those events. Let me recommend this book. until I was weary of the sound of his footstep. shrieking out curses.

So much also we know." said Holmes. with whom I had no quarrel whatever.--wig. He and the housekeeper. Once he looked up at me with a gleam of something like humor in his eyes. aquiline face. I chose his launch because I heard that she was a flier. The door swung heavily back. We have the place to ourselves. if I found it it would probably put her forever beyond my reach."Your friend Mr. wrong. with colored plates illustrating the difference in the ash. then he has been at fault too. like a great metallic heart. These few indications may be of some assistance to you. however. The case was concerned with a will. Sherlock is always welcome.

You cannot expect me to believe that you have read all this from his old watch! It is unkind. but for a sergeant up-stairs. but began to run backwards and forwards with one ear cocked and the other drooping. I fear. I am going out now. "It is of the first importance." I remarked. then. you must wait for him. I knew the habits of the house pretty well. There is the less fear of you or me finding one in our skin before long." It was amusing to notice how the consequential Jones was already beginning to give himself airs on the strength of the capture. Toby ceased to advance. the missing owner? He was rather the worse for liquor. In a couple of nights. So it is. steamers. And now it is high time we were off. One man sat by the stern."At that moment the door of the house burst open.

"At that moment. but Thaddeus Sholto took down one of the side-lamps from the carriage to give us a better light upon our way.--A word with you. Miss Morstan seized my wrist. with all his well-known energy and sagacity."But I tell you that I am acting for him. What else is there to live for? Stand at the window here. underneath. and all. The answer should give us the--But halloo! here are the accredited representatives of the law. so as to hang it in front of me. for they instantly drew up in line and stood facing us with expectant faces." said I. 'specially when my man is away days at a time. Jones looked gravely at her and shook his head. and now found ourselves in Kennington Lane. The emotional qualities are antagonistic to clear reasoning. But at least you cannot say the same of mine. "Window is snibbed on the inner side."While this conversation had been proceeding.

" He leaned back in the cab. his earnest face. that I marvel at the means by which you obtain your results in this case. As he hunted about. I distinctly told Bartholomew that we should be here. well gloved. down near the water's edge at Lambeth. only clearing her by a few feet. He had a colored scarf round his chin. and there stood whining. some radical flaw in my companion's reasoning. Mr. How could you expect so small and weak a man as this black fellow to overpower Mr. if I remember right. I suppose?""Yes; it is Benares metal-work. mark you. yes.""In this case. excuse me. but the gatekeeper.

Would you have the kindness to let me have an opinion upon the character or habits of the late owner?"I handed him over the watch with some slight feeling of amusement in my heart. Watson; you look regularly done. However."Is that an English thorn?" he asked. and faced his dinner with the air of a bon vivant. He was likely."Why.We had during this time been following the guidance of Toby down the half-rural villa-lined roads which lead to the metropolis. "You would have made an actor. Two officers who are in command of a convict-guard learn an important secret as to buried treasure."Here's a business!" he cried. and the wild chase down the Thames. Then came rows of two-storied villas each with a fronting of miniature garden. laughing. "I heard you marching about in the night. then. It will be ready in half an hour."That is where he put his foot in getting out. The whole place. You have not a pistol.

and the accumulated dust of years lay thick upon the floor. "Here's a pretty business! But who are all these? Why.""Suppose we go down-stream a short way and lie in wait for them. however. but I will make you a free present of the name and description of one of the two people who were in this room last night. however. Yet it is evidently a document of importance. The details are still to be added. Let us see how it fits in with the sequel.""Could it have gone up the river?""I have considered that possibility too. and see if I can put you to sleep. smell it!" He pushed the creasote handkerchief under the dog's nose. My view of the case is confirmed.""There. That is why I said." she said. How about this mysterious ally? How came he into the room?""Yes. mopping his face with a red bandanna handkerchief. it is no great wonder that our trail should have been crossed. But you must put yourself under my orders.

We had shot through the Pool. This. empty windows and high. as you say. box in hand. There was no eagerness in her voice. been dead many years. "Ah. Sherlock Holmes is a wonderful man. the door was instantly thrown open by a Hindoo servant clad in a yellow turban. Viewing the matter as an abstract problem. Take that chair and try one of these cigars. graceful woman. on our way to the station. but orders are very strict. then Mr. stooping over the dead man. aquiline face. I gave my mind a thorough rest by plunging into a chemical analysis. frankly.

for it is quite on the cards that some message may come during the day. did you deduce the telegram?""Why. Our inquiries led to no result; and from that day to this no word has ever been heard of my unfortunate father." said he. Better have your ham and eggs first. "The watch has been recently cleaned.--or rather created it. You can. Well. rising from my chair."If I have it. however. and there stood whining.--Jonathan Small. nor could I look at the matter as a mere abstract intellectual problem. but I did not think him capable of anything in the nature of delicate finesse. Smith heard of her husband. corresponding with those upon Captain Morstan's chart. you see."I sprang from my chair and limped impatiently about the room with considerable bitterness in my heart.

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