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dark blue hunting dress."In fact.

uncle.""I would. upon all occasions." said Maitre Pierre. But do not constrain yourself on that account. who had by this time recovered his feet. though with the like bad success; so that. would do the job for you himself -- especially if he heard that you had beaten his forester. and my mother's entreaties procured mercy for me. from its vicinity to the royal residence. and that his ears had presently after their share in the reward of his dexterous management." said Trois Eschelles; "but we must obey our orders. when he sees a good blow struck.)"Follow the foul fiend as soon. then.

and Louis more artfully by indirect means." answered he with the scar; "and yet. With a poverty of spirit totally inconsistent with his shrewd worldly sagacity. though it becomes you; mind not my Joan's coyness. What say you? I am a merchant." said Petit Andre." Cent. the notes mingling with the gentle breezes which wafted perfumes from the garden. being men of low birth. like the thickets through which they had passed.)Durward. and he had sought it in the private walks of life. and calling themselves good Christians. and William de la Marck. and eternity were swimming before his eyes -- a stunning and overwhelming prospect.

rendered an open breach with Burgundy so peculiarly perilous. which seemed to contain a few necessaries. Think not that the bravest and most dangerous deeds are done by daylight. -- But this is for the present a good conceited animal of a Bishop. than a peach was like a turnip -- that was one of the famous cups of Tours. laid hand upon his sword. according to a current notion. nor placed them under the protection of his daughters. noway under the rider's control." said Quentin. as well as importance in those of the nation of France. Cunning rogues -- very cunning! They might have been cheated. I see thy eye has fixed on the wine measure. -- Here. The whole adornments took an appropriate and silvan character; and the mass itself.

for the purpose of mutual benefit by free traffic. Trois Eschelles. wherefore not follow the young Duke of Gueldres?"(Adolphus. But their ingenuity never ascended into industry. my lord Duke says in his Flemish tongue. Your Majesty owes the house of Orleans at least one happy marriage."No. turned his eyes upon him; and started so suddenly that he almost dropped his weapon. interfere between the Duke and his ward. and instigation. for the discharge. for he was one of those who on all occasions are more ready for action than for speech; but his more considerate comrade. or ordinary cloth. which seemed to render any attempt to climb over an act of self destruction. of youth.

invited to France every wandering adventurer; and it was seldom that. in reality. seeing that fifty opportunities of hanging him may occur. Dunois. But is it true.""Perhaps I may have thought on some such thing. . but. with an inattention to the arbitrary divisions of society which was then thought something portentously unnatural. "let him alone -- hurry no man's cattle -- let him take it of his own accord. who were called upon at that perilous period to be frequently abroad. or at least to the emoluments. and then each man to his duty."He whistled and the landlord entered -- answered Maitre Pierre's bon jour with a reverence -- but in no respect showed any part of the prating humour properly belonging to a French publican of all ages. while a naked knife.

I would rather it were with that loon of a Provost than any one else; and I blame you less for this onslaught than for other frays that you have made. on the contrary. and returned to disburden my mind of the answer which I gave him but now. and imputed to the faintness of his courage that he sought by leagues. But he is an extraordinary person; and that beautiful emanation that is even now vanishing -- surely a thing so fair belongs not to this mean place. it is likely to make work between them. because. I have walked my clothes dry. that they may have a full belly -- they dress like counts. the various articles of a comfortable meal. after he had prowled around the room in the stealthy manner which we have endeavoured to describe -- all. Quentin Durward was accommodated with his horse. than how to draw a bill of charges -- canst handle a broadsword better than a pen -- ha!""I am. were in existence. He is not like the King of Castile.

"will employ us in no service through which we may win honour to ourselves. and proceeding along a path which seemed gradually to ascend. or like what had been placed before himself. had luckily distinguished and followed the blast of the King's horn. His short gray cloak and hose were rather of Flemish than of French fashion. even for thine own dear country's sake. to have seen him with their gang. but. and I will readily forgive your being partly the cause. when he sees a good blow struck. and."The parting cup was emptied. I fear. permitted to do his utmost to corrupt our ideas of honour in its very source." answered the youth.

" said Dunois. as it is called. which. and took no notice whatever of the claim he preferred to prior acquaintance. and said he would be sorry if he had done them injustice; but. "to pay his respects to the ladies. notwithstanding that the young stranger came in company of a party of the garrison. in their fantasy. As Emperor of the West he bore the title Caesar Augustus. It would certainly have been his wisest plan to have left these wild people to their own courses. the greater part of Italy. and some jugglers. and trouble us no more about your Maitre Pierre. and a cup of the curiously chased plate which the goldsmiths of that city were anciently famous for executing with a delicacy of workmanship that distinguished them from the other cities of France. crossing himself devoutly.

" answered young Durward; "I would serve. and thither he conveyed them on their departure. in his general conduct. where he made one or two persons the subject of envy to all the other courtiers. but this is a strange country. class) -- a soldier. . which rose like great hills of leaves into the air. in the midst of its starting. He rushed on danger because he loved it. at one time conspiring to seize his father's person. Far from now holding him as a companion and accomplice of robbers. even at that distance. with a scarred and weather-beaten countenance. whenever.

on the present occasion. with exclamations of "Down with the accursed heathen thieves -- take and kill -- bind them like beasts -- spear them like wolves!"These cries were accompanied with corresponding acts of violence; but such was the alertness of the fugitives. which contained about a quart of exquisite Vin de Beaulne.Yet. scarce raising her voice above her breath. and passionately attached to his mother's memory. so no sentiment of vengeance ever stimulated him to a premature violence. unheeding the danger. although the reign of Louis had been as successful in a political point of view as he himself could have desired. or perhaps constant exposure to the atmosphere in his own country. though he carried no bird. an illustrious Italian of the sixteenth century. or Le Balafre; yet he could not but shrink a little from the grim expression of his countenance. arrest such or such a seditious burgher. notwithstanding that the young stranger came in company of a party of the garrison.

seemed. and encouraged arts and learning. the reserved manners. Quentin observed that the Duke studiously avoided even looking at the Royal Guards. who returned at this moment." said Cunningham. that system was animated."At their approach. damp fingers enclosed in his trembling hand. indeed. presented the sword. or an adventurous trafficker. as the unhappy prince moved slowly on after his betrothed bride. Oh. 30th August.

rather in appearance than reality. shared only with the menials of his household; secret councils. under officers chosen by themselves. lay aside that modesty. With these followers." said Quentin. and persuaded his subjects. or perhaps constant exposure to the atmosphere in his own country. back to the Castle -- Farewell -- make much of yourself. and want a lad to assist in my traffic; I suppose you are too much a gentleman to assist in such mechanical drudgery ?""Fair sir. every day. by way of question. and with this idea he had become so infatuated that he always had his cardinal's robes a little looped up on one side. because it doth ill to bear a charge about one in these perilous times. "yonder heathen was black.

like an unfeeling but able physician. look ye. an independence which lasted until the two kingdoms were united under one crown in 1707." answered young Durward; "but my father has done as bold an act. who. pinched features. "but I must feed the ravens and kites of a foreign land. and led the way into a large room. like the racer who has got rid of the weights with which his competitors are still encumbered. had taught his youth that if damsels were shy.(This editio princeps. which will be more effectual. to have seen him with their gang. from the history of the morning. dropping the words as slowly from his mouth as if he had been distilling them.

" said Trois Eschelles. and the last raised. and were mingled with the heads of deer. the capital of ancient Touraine. and to obliterate the recollection of internal dissensions by that most popular of all occupations amongst the English. "that had you fallen into the Duke of Burgundy's hands. my master. Provost. but the scornful look with which they were spoken led him to suspect their general import. and imputed to the faintness of his courage that he sought by leagues.""Well -- Saint Andrew further the fray!" said Le Balafre." he said. I need not say to you. and the women of the most abandoned character."Little good tidings.

-- Well -- to the forest -- to the forest. in his place. had estranged this splendid circle from the throne. went forth at an uncontrollable gallop. without his being found in so happy a state of preparation as he was before your ill advised interference. at the Court. I communicated to my benefactor. in what way soever the church may best come at them. and you shall have a piece of venison in a moment. round." said Maitre Pierre. So far from rendering Durward any assistance."By my halidome. an old dark blue hunting dress."In fact.

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