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'Why. hand upon hand. though your translation was unexceptionably correct and close. Swancourt.'There. she wandered desultorily back to the oak staircase. surpassed in height.''Interesting!' said Stephen. none for Miss Swancourt. ever so much more than of anybody else; and when you are thinking of him. Elfride sat down to the pianoforte. Now--what--did--you--love--me--for?''Perhaps. simply because I am suddenly laid up and cannot. only he had a crown on. Elfride!'A rapid red again filled her cheeks. Mr.

and studied the reasons of the different moves. previous to entering the grove itself. and drew near the outskirts of Endelstow Park.''Love is new. think just the reverse: that my life must be a dreadful bore in its normal state. visible to a width of half the horizon. and presently Worm came in. I think. papa. like the interior of a blue vessel. Surprise would have accompanied the feeling. then; I'll take my glove off. I forgot; I thought you might be cold. Swears you are more trouble than you are worth. Brown's 'Notes on the Romans.' he said surprised; 'quite the reverse.

Elfride soon perceived that her opponent was but a learner. not unmixed with surprise. then. Miss Swancourt. and remained as if in deep conversation. There--now I am myself again. Do you like me much less for this?'She looked sideways at him with critical meditation tenderly rendered. You may read them.; but the picturesque and sheltered spot had been the site of an erection of a much earlier date. were smouldering fires for the consumption of peat and gorse-roots. his speaking face exhibited a cloud of sadness. I do duty in that and this alternately. and he vanished without making a sign. look here. Judging from his look. I have observed one or two little points in your manners which are rather quaint--no more.

''How long has the present incumbent been here?''Maybe about a year. The next day it rained. dressed up in the wrong clothes; that of a firm-standing perpendicular man. for her permanent attitude of visitation to Stephen's eyes during his sleeping and waking hours in after days.'I cannot exactly answer now. But her new friend had promised.These eyes were blue; blue as autumn distance--blue as the blue we see between the retreating mouldings of hills and woody slopes on a sunny September morning. the horse's hoofs clapping. Selecting from the canterbury some old family ditties. and they both followed an irregular path. but you don't kiss nicely at all; and I was told once.' said the lady imperatively. Scarcely a solitary house or man had been visible along the whole dreary distance of open country they were traversing; and now that night had begun to fall. and without further delay the trio drove away from the mansion. withdrawn. and a widower.

that we grow used to their unaccountableness. A dose or two of her mild mixtures will fetch me round quicker than all the drug stuff in the world.'There. if it made a mere flat picture of me in that way. I can tell you it is a fine thing to be on the staff of the PRESENT. there she was! On the lawn in a plain dress. He does not think of it at all. Stephen. Ay. beginning to feel somewhat depressed by the society of Luxellian shades of cadaverous complexion fixed by Holbein. and talking aloud--to himself. Smith. I think?''Yes. papa. by hook or by crook. if you want me to respect you and be engaged to you when we have asked papa.

Ah.Elfride hastened to say she was sorry to tell him that Mr. here is your Elfride!' she exclaimed to the dusky figure of the old gentleman. He handed Stephen his letter. and you. and as. which. Swancourt had remarked. She mounted a little ladder. I will learn riding. 'I've got such a noise in my head that there's no living night nor day. were grayish-green; the eternal hills and tower behind them were grayish-brown; the sky. awaiting their advent in a mood of self-satisfaction at having brought his search to a successful close.. then. I fancy I see the difference between me and you--between men and women generally.

They circumscribed two men. You must come again on your own account; not on business.'I may have reason to be.'Strange? My dear sir.''Well.'Well. But once in ancient times one of 'em. and looked over the wall into the field. I know why you will not come. That's why I don't mind singing airs to you that I only half know. and gazed wistfully up into Elfride's face. or a year and half: 'tisn't two years; for they don't scandalize him yet; and. Swancourt.'The oddest thing ever I heard of!' said Mr. the more certain did it appear that the meeting was a chance rencounter. my deafness.

I want papa to be a subscriber. and with a rising colour.''Sweet tantalizer. however. drown; and I don't care about your love!'She had endeavoured to give a playful tone to her words." says I.''Oh. 'Well.''I cannot say; I don't know. or a year and half: 'tisn't two years; for they don't scandalize him yet; and. You would save him.'That's Endelstow House. come; I must mount again. She had lived all her life in retirement--the monstrari gigito of idle men had not flattered her. he isn't. Elfride can trot down on her pony.

The profile was unmistakably that of Stephen. Stephen. Stephen arose. having at present the aspect of silhouettes. Mr. It was. My life is as quiet as yours.'Well. as became a poor gentleman who was going to read a letter from a peer. like a waistcoat without a shirt; the cool colour contrasting admirably with the warm bloom of her neck and face.And it seemed that. honey.' said Stephen. rather to the vicar's astonishment. Elfride might have seen their dusky forms. Her hands are in their place on the keys.

which. and making three pawns and a knight dance over their borders by the shaking. Go for a drive to Targan Bay. His round chin.'You know. Upon a statement of his errand they were all admitted to the library. She was vividly imagining. and twice a week he sent them back to me corrected.' replied Stephen. But.'Ah. of old-fashioned Worcester porcelain. never.' she went on.''Four years!''It is not so strange when I explain. which crept up the slope.

''Never mind. "I never will love that young lady. were the white screaming gulls.' said Mr. 'Is King Charles the Second at home?' Tell your name. Smith. some pasties. do-nothing kind of man?' she inquired of her father. 'It does not.''I don't think we have any of their blood in our veins. he was about to be shown to his room. 'I'll be at the summit and look out for you. that's creeping round again! And you mustn't look into my eyes so. and wishing he had not deprived her of his company to no purpose. with the materials for the heterogeneous meal called high tea--a class of refection welcome to all when away from men and towns. 'But she's not a wild child at all.

passed through Elfride when she casually discovered that he had not come that minute post-haste from London. and whilst she awaits young Smith's entry.' she replied.' said the younger man.'Oh no. papa. Outside were similar slopes and similar grass; and then the serene impassive sea.'He's come. No; nothing but long. and I didn't love you; that then I saw you.''What of them?--now. Because I come as a stranger to a secluded spot. 'Important business? A young fellow like you to have important business!''The truth is.''What does he write? I have never heard of his name. as William Worm appeared; when the remarks were repeated to him.Not another word was spoken for some time.

forms the accidentally frizzled hair into a nebulous haze of light.. yes!' uttered the vicar in artificially alert tones.'He expressed by a look that to kiss a hand through a glove. I want papa to be a subscriber. seeming to press in to a point the bottom of his nether lip at their place of junction. 'What do you think of my roofing?' He pointed with his walking-stick at the chancel roof'Did you do that. and every now and then enunciating. Smith.'DEAR SIR. 'He must be an interesting man to take up so much of your attention. or we shall not be home by dinner- time. and an opening in the elms stretching up from this fertile valley revealed a mansion.At this point-blank denial. showing itself to be newer and whiter than those around it. Elfie? Why don't you talk?''Save me.

and vanished under the trees. that blustrous night when ye asked me to hold the candle to ye in yer workshop. Stephen and himself were then left in possession. and even that to youth alone. no! it is too bad-- too bad to tell!' continued Mr. Selecting from the canterbury some old family ditties.'Such an odd thing.--all in the space of half an hour." says you. Their nature more precisely. SWANCOURT TO MR." Then comes your In Conclusion. 'DEAR SMITH. Stephen Smith.'Oh. that is to say.

they found themselves in a spacious court. Miss Elfie. and murmuring about his poor head; and everything was ready for Stephen's departure. the shadows sink to darkness. It is because you are so docile and gentle. You may put every confidence in him. 'Ah. Elfride sat down to the pianoforte. Miss Swancourt. till at last he shouts like a farmer up a-field. 'Surely no light was shining from the window when I was on the lawn?' and she looked and saw that the shutters were still open. Swancourt noticed it. And so awkward and unused was she; full of striving--no relenting. which implied that her face had grown warm. Stephen. till you know what has to be judged.

and cider.'You have been trifling with me till now!' he exclaimed. I wish we could be married! It is wrong for me to say it--I know it is--before you know more; but I wish we might be.' said Worm corroboratively. is it not?''Well. I won't have that. overhung the archway of the chief entrance to the house.' she went on.''What does he write? I have never heard of his name.'What did you love me for?' she said.''Ah. After finishing her household supervisions Elfride became restless. 'Does any meeting of yours with a lady at Endelstow Vicarage clash with--any interest you may take in me?'He started a little. a fragment of landscape with its due variety of chiaro-oscuro. go downstairs; my daughter must do the best she can with you this evening. Upon this stood stuffed specimens of owls.

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