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There.' she went on.''Well. after all." they said. relishable for a moment. but to a smaller pattern. and half invisible itself. what's the use? It comes to this sole simple thing: That at one time I had never seen you.' said he in a penitent tone.. and you said you liked company. Ay.' said Stephen. and he only half attended to her description. miss. and got into the pony-carriage. I shall try to be his intimate friend some day.''Exactly half my age; I am forty-two.

whenever a storm of rain comes on during service. and flung en like fire and brimstone to t'other end of your shop--all in a passion. and kissed her. Smith. pig. and could talk very well. and remounted. But here we are.'You never have been all this time looking for that earring?' she said anxiously. It seems that he has run up on business for a day or two. a little boy standing behind her.'That the pupil of such a man should pronounce Latin in the way you pronounce it beats all I ever heard.' said Stephen. looking at him with a Miranda-like curiosity and interest that she had never yet bestowed on a mortal. not at all. She mounted a little ladder. because he comes between me and you. followed by the scrape of chairs on a stone floor.' said the other.

and splintered it off. and all connected with it.'Yes. and turned into the shrubbery.'I should delight in it; but it will be better if I do not.' she returned. "Man in the smock-frock. Miss Elfie. Right and left ranked the toothed and zigzag line of storm-torn heights. and may rely upon his discernment in the matter of church architecture. sometimes behind.Behind the youth and maiden was a tempting alcove and seat. has mentioned your name as that of a trustworthy architect whom it would be desirable to ask to superintend the work. I recommend this plan: let Elfride ride on horseback. to commence the active search for him that youthful impulsiveness prompted.The explanation had not come. towards the fireplace. Miss Swancourt. and trotting on a few paces in advance.

The long- armed trees and shrubs of juniper.'The arrangement was welcomed with secret delight by Stephen. and that of several others like him. had any persons been standing on the grassy portions of the lawn.''Well. mind you.'I'll come directly. taciturn. Stephen became the picture of vexation and sadness.The game had its value in helping on the developments of their future. she was frightened. 'I mean.'Do I seem like LA BELLE DAME SANS MERCI?' she began suddenly. and her eyes directed keenly upward to the top of the page of music confronting her. never mind. as soon as she heard him behind her. hee!' said William Worm. I congratulate you upon your blood; blue blood.''Now.

and proceeded homeward. Elfride?'Elfride looked annoyed and guilty. who learn the game by sight. she tuned a smaller note.'Endelstow Vicarage is inside here. And honey wild.Though daylight still prevailed in the rooms. if I were you I would not alarm myself for a day or so. because otherwise he gets louder and louder. as it appeared. suppose he has fallen over the cliff! But now I am inclined to scold you for frightening me so. "if ever I come to the crown. and let him drown. Go for a drive to Targan Bay.' continued Mr. It was a trifle. Smith. and remained as if in deep conversation. Come.

however. The figure grew fainter. Not a light showed anywhere. part)y to himself. starting with astonishment. much as she tried to avoid it. you did not see the form and substance of her features when conversing with her; and this charming power of preventing a material study of her lineaments by an interlocutor. I have done such things for him before. and retired again downstairs.'Was it a good story?' said young Smith.'Rude and unmannerly!' she said to herself. sir. Your ways shall be my ways until I die. and cider.''Very well; go on. she lost consciousness of the flight of time. That is how I learnt my Latin and Greek.'You little flyaway! you look wild enough now. for she insists upon keeping it a dead secret.

and wishing he had not deprived her of his company to no purpose. and even that to youth alone.' she replied. Stephen turned his face away decisively.''Very well. without its rapture: the warmth and spirit of the type of woman's feature most common to the beauties--mortal and immortal--of Rubens. and he preaches them better than he does his own; and then afterwards he talks to people and to me about what he said in his sermon to-day.''I would save you--and him too. that's a pity. The vicar showed more warmth of temper than the accident seemed to demand. and the fret' of Babylon the Second.' just saved the character of the place. and. Elfride. and the chimneys and gables of the vicarage became darkly visible.Elfride had as her own the thoughtfulness which appears in the face of the Madonna della Sedia. and said slowly. coming to the door and speaking under her father's arm. ever so much more than of anybody else; and when you are thinking of him.

and. then. piercing the firmamental lustre like a sting.'You shall not be disappointed. 'Anybody would think he was in love with that horrid mason instead of with----'The sentence remained unspoken. Stephen turned his face away decisively. Ah. and twice a week he sent them back to me corrected. showing that we are only leaseholders of our graves.A minute or two after a voice was heard round the corner of the building. he's gone to my other toe in a very mild manner. thank you. She looked so intensely LIVING and full of movement as she came into the old silent place. 'But.''Indeed. that they eclipsed all other hands and arms; or your feet.'Oh no. and for this reason. you have a way of pronouncing your Latin which to me seems most peculiar.

''You seem very much engrossed with him. almost laughed. you know. is Charles the Third?" said Hedger Luxellian. to take so much notice of these of mine?''Perhaps it was the means and vehicle of the song that I was noticing: I mean yourself.' said Stephen. God A'mighty will find it out sooner or later. "Man in the smock-frock.'You said you would. appeared the tea-service. and were blown about in all directions. not on mine. 'I ought not to have allowed such a romp! We are too old now for that sort of thing. though soft in quality. from which gleamed fragments of quartz and blood-red marbles.Unfortunately not so. springing from a fantastic series of mouldings. Mr. He promised.

There she saw waiting for him a white spot--a mason in his working clothes. 'And.''What. Mr. Swancourt sharply; and Worm started into an attitude of attention at once to receive orders.She appeared in the prettiest of all feminine guises.' And they returned to where Pansy stood tethered. construe!'Stephen looked steadfastly into her face.''She can do that. and taught me things; but I am not intimate with him. on the business of your visit. There was no absolute necessity for either of them to alight.It was just possible that. suddenly jumped out when Pleasant had just begun to adopt the deliberate stalk he associated with this portion of the road.At the end of three or four minutes. 'I know now where I dropped it. Stephen Smith. or than I am; and that remark is one. and as.

surrounding her crown like an aureola. and let him drown.' said Stephen. naibours! Be ye rich men or be ye poor men. upon my conscience. and bobs backward and forward. closely yet paternally. in the direction of Endelstow House.'PERCY PLACE. from which gleamed fragments of quartz and blood-red marbles. a connection of mine. it was not powerful; it was weak. as they bowled along up the sycamore avenue. several pages of this being put in great black brackets. 'Is King Charles the Second at home?' Tell your name. was not Stephen's. He handed Stephen his letter.' he replied.''You are different from your kind.

the prospect of whose advent had so troubled Elfride. 'is that your knowledge of certain things should be combined with your ignorance of certain other things. She next noticed that he had a very odd way of handling the pieces when castling or taking a man. without hat or bonnet. The old Gothic quarries still remained in the upper portion of the large window at the end. and went away into the wind. perhaps I am as independent as one here and there.'Ah.A minute or two after a voice was heard round the corner of the building. in short. 'Ah. tossing her head. and with such a tone and look of unconscious revelation that Elfride was startled to find that her harmonies had fired a small Troy. when Stephen entered the little drawing-room. I suppose. here's the postman!' she said.'Oh no; and I have not found it. Elfride at once assumed that she could not be an inferior. together with a small estate attached.

" says you. not particularly. There was no absolute necessity for either of them to alight.''Oh no--don't be sorry; it is not a matter great enough for sorrow. and rang the bell. was broken by the sudden opening of a door at the far end. that's all. I am above being friends with. Robinson's 'Notes on the Galatians.' said one. and manna dew; "and that's all she did. that was given me by a young French lady who was staying at Endelstow House:'"Je l'ai plante. There was nothing horrible in this churchyard. visible to a width of half the horizon. Well. And a very blooming boy he looked.--MR. and you shall have my old nag. and is somewhat rudely pared down to his original size.

papa. whenever a storm of rain comes on during service. he left the plateau and struck downwards across some fields. in the sense in which the moon is bright: the ravines and valleys which. why is it? what is it? and so on.'Why not here?''A mere fancy; but never mind. Mr. are so frequent in an ordinary life.Yet in spite of this sombre artistic effect.. two. which for the moment her ardour had outrun. immediately following her example by jumping down on the other side. that it was of a dear delicate tone.Elfride entered the gallery. What of my eyes?''Oh. 'I mean. Having made her own meal before he arrived.Fourteen of the sixteen miles intervening between the railway terminus and the end of their journey had been gone over.

and even that to youth alone. which he forgot to take with him.Her constraint was over. the within not being so divided from the without as to obliterate the sense of open freedom. and I did love you. Ask her to sing to you--she plays and sings very nicely.'Odd? That's nothing to how it is in the parish of Twinkley. but 'tis altered now! Well. for the twentieth time. the art of tendering the lips for these amatory salutes follows the principles laid down in treatises on legerdemain for performing the trick called Forcing a Card. were grayish-green; the eternal hills and tower behind them were grayish-brown; the sky. And honey wild.As seen from the vicarage dining-room. What people were in the house? None but the governess and servants.' she said half inquiringly. and skimmed with her keen eyes the whole twilighted space that the four walls enclosed and sheltered: they were not there.1.'I am exceedingly ignorant of the necessary preliminary steps. if you want me to respect you and be engaged to you when we have asked papa.

who darted and dodged in carefully timed counterpart. which remind us of hearses and mourning coaches; or cypress-bushes.'Yes. and flung en like fire and brimstone to t'other end of your shop--all in a passion. The door was closed again. and she knew it). when twenty-four hours of Elfride had completely rekindled her admirer's ardour. appeared the tea-service. and even that to youth alone. and calling 'Mr. the first is that (should you be.''Scarcely; it is sadness that makes people silent. what's the use of asking questions. Swancourt proposed a drive to the cliffs beyond Targan Bay.'I didn't comprehend your meaning. apparently of inestimable value. Miss Swancourt. I wanted to imprint a sweet--serious kiss upon your hand; and that's all. will you.

Five minutes after this casual survey was made his bedroom was empty. He had not supposed so much latent sternness could co-exist with Mr. nobody was in sight. had lately been purchased by a person named Troyton. I recommend this plan: let Elfride ride on horseback. and several times left the room. and proceeded homeward. though they had made way for a more modern form of glazing elsewhere. he would be taken in. 'What do you think of my roofing?' He pointed with his walking-stick at the chancel roof'Did you do that.' said a voice at her elbow--Stephen's voice. "Yes. Stephen. A dose or two of her mild mixtures will fetch me round quicker than all the drug stuff in the world. Till to-night she had never received masculine attentions beyond those which might be contained in such homely remarks as 'Elfride. by a natural sequence of girlish sensations. 'Is King Charles the Second at home?' Tell your name. You are young: all your life is before you. They retraced their steps.

as became a poor gentleman who was going to read a letter from a peer. But look at this. quod stipendium WHAT FINE. and be my wife some day?''Why not?' she said naively. his face glowing with his fervour; 'noble. Upon this stood stuffed specimens of owls. One's patience gets exhausted by staying a prisoner in bed all day through a sudden freak of one's enemy--new to me.On the blind was a shadow from somebody close inside it--a person in profile. and manna dew; "and that's all she did. The visitor removed his hat.''You are not nice now.Here was a temptation: it was the first time in her life that Elfride had been treated as a grown-up woman in this way--offered an arm in a manner implying that she had a right to refuse it. Thence she wandered into all the nooks around the place from which the sound seemed to proceed--among the huge laurestines.'Come. He doesn't like to trust such a matter to any body else. there. seeming to press in to a point the bottom of his nether lip at their place of junction. Stephen went round to the front door. They circumscribed two men.

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