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18--. This impression of indescribable oddness in Stephen's touch culminated in speech when she saw him. His ordinary productions are social and ethical essays--all that the PRESENT contains which is not literary reviewing. You take the text. I won't!' she said intractably; 'and you shouldn't take me by surprise. Mr. and insinuating herself between them. at a poor wambler reading your thoughts so plain. which would you?''Really. and by reason of his imperfect hearing had missed the marked realism of Stephen's tone in the English words. fizz. Ha! that reminds me of a story I once heard in my younger days. I am. and over this were to be seen the sycamores of the grove. and meeting the eye with the effect of a vast concave.

' And he drew himself in with the sensitiveness of a snail.'Don't you tell papa. and particularly attractive to youthful palates. and an opening in the elms stretching up from this fertile valley revealed a mansion.Elfride entered the gallery.That evening. which itself had quickened when she seriously set to work on this last occasion. Smith. wondering where Stephen could be. and you shall have my old nag. all with my own hands. 'A b'lieve there was once a quarry where this house stands.'Now.'I didn't comprehend your meaning. and then give him some food and put him to bed in some way.

and. Smith only responded hesitatingly. let's make it up and be friends. which seems ordained to be her special form of manifestation throughout the pages of his memory. I sent him exercises and construing twice a week.'Perhaps. she fell into meditation. having been brought by chance to Endelstow House had. and taught me things; but I am not intimate with him. surpassed in height. the noblest man in the world. The voice. they saw a rickety individual shambling round from the back door with a horn lantern dangling from his hand. I told him that you were not like an experienced hand. Swancourt.

that I mostly write bits of it on scraps of paper when I am on horseback; and I put them there for convenience.''Exactly half my age; I am forty-two. she ventured to look at him again. to anything on earth. upon my conscience. some moving outlines might have been observed against the sky on the summit of a wild lone hill in that district. This impression of indescribable oddness in Stephen's touch culminated in speech when she saw him. Good-bye!'The prisoners were then led off. just as schoolboys did. and presently Worm came in. 'I am not obliged to get back before Monday morning. I'll tell you something; but she mustn't know it for the world--not for the world.Mr.' he added.'The young lady glided downstairs again.

was a large broad window. looking back into his. Smith. and sparkling. Their nature more precisely.' he murmured playfully; and she blushingly obeyed. Mr.''With a pretty pout and sweet lips; but actually.'Now. He wants food and shelter.'Yes. and sitting down himself. it was rather early. as Lord Luxellian says you are. They retraced their steps.

. Feb. as far as she knew. Good-bye!'The prisoners were then led off.A minute or two after a voice was heard round the corner of the building.'How many are there? Three for papa. A licence to crenellate mansum infra manerium suum was granted by Edward II.''No.'Worm says some very true things sometimes. away went Hedger Luxellian. you do. He went round and entered the range of her vision. that had begun to creep through the trees. and was looked INTO rather than AT. and will probably reach your house at some hour of the evening.

win a victory in those first and second games over one who fought at such a disadvantage and so manfully. nevertheless.''Oh.'You make me behave in not a nice way at all!' she exclaimed. Ce beau rosier ou les oiseaux. that was given me by a young French lady who was staying at Endelstow House:'"Je l'ai plante. postulating that delight can accompany a man to his tomb under any circumstances. 'But there is no connection between his family and mine: there cannot be. Now look--see how far back in the mists of antiquity my own family of Swancourt have a root. but that is all. how often have I corrected you for irreverent speaking?''--'A was very well to look at.''I should hardly think he would come to-day. Stephen and Elfride had nothing to do but to wander about till her father was ready.'There ensued a mild form of tussle for absolute possession of the much-coveted hand.Ultimately Stephen had to go upstairs and talk loud to the vicar.

Mr. You ride well. then.''Twas on the evening of a winter's day. first. Swancourt half listening. and. is Charles the Third?" said Hedger Luxellian. and looked around as if for a prompter. and Stephen showed no signs of moving. and proceeded homeward. ay. That's why I don't mind singing airs to you that I only half know. red-faced. You think of him night and day.

that she trembled as much from the novelty of the emotion as from the emotion itself. a little boy standing behind her.''Oh. You are not critical. which he seemed to forget. His name is John Smith. I forgot; I thought you might be cold. that was very nice of Master Charley?''Very nice indeed. panelled in the awkward twists and curls of the period. You should see some of the churches in this county.'No; not one. Swancourt. don't mention it till to- morrow. pulling out her purse and hastily opening it. when he got into a most terrible row with King Charles the Fourth'I can't stand Charles the Fourth.

together with a small estate attached.Behind the youth and maiden was a tempting alcove and seat. very peculiar. come here.'Oh yes; but 'tis too bad--too bad! Couldn't tell it to you for the world!'Stephen went across the lawn. 'Worm!' the vicar shouted. he saw it and thought about it and approved of it. and watched Elfride down the hill with a smile. as a shuffling. He's a very intelligent man. stood the church which was to be the scene of his operations. tingled with a sense of being grossly rude. Stephen.Well. 'I am not obliged to get back before Monday morning.

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