Friday, May 3, 2013

We are meeting in a mansion on the East Coast

We are meeting in a mansion on the East Coast of the United States, where a wild party is in full swing, the bandmaster is spinning like a top and louche ladies are lounging on lilos shaped like floating zebras in a floodlit swimming pool.There was no makeup, no mad scientists, no spooky gothic castles, and no monsters apart from the human kind. To you Abdel and Ruh-ain Salih Nu?o, congratulations and best wishes!The Great Gatsby is a slender book. Yet when Jordan Baker meets Nick Carraway she shows off the precious pin stuck casually into her hat. So now along with the pain and the braces and the arthritis, he was forced to rely on an oxygen tank.'I was on my break after making Moulin Rouge, on the Trans-Siberian, and I don’t want to bag out Mongolia, but it was a bit lonely and that’s when I decided, I have to read The Great Gatsby.’ He pauses. The monster’s makeup had been revised (in part to reflect the scarring from the fire that ended the first film), and more importantly he could speak. Although he never denied that he owed his career to playing Frankenstein’s monster, as a cultured and sophisticated man himself, he must have found something in these carachters to latch onto.Although marketed as a horror filmm, the great Robert Day’s stark picture is more a grim historical drama combining several actual events and carachters into a story about the horrific state of public medicine in 18th century England, where the surgeon’s mantra is “ pain and the knife are one. Thomas Bolton, a surgeon who refuses to accept that mantra and devotes himself to finding an effective anaesthetic, much as he was doing in those films from the early ‘40s.”As for the other ladies, Bronson-Howard says the relaxed yet elegant pieces from Calypso worn by Bebe (Susan Sarandon) are a nod to her new age vibe, while the more conservative Ellie (Diane Keaton) suits up in Ralph Lauren. Her shoes look nice, but they aren’t very fancy. Presenting.Although the bitter rivalry between Karloff and Lugosi was well known (mostly coming from Lugosi’s side), they would go on to make at least half a dozen more pictures together, quite a few of them pretty good.

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