Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Condom company Durex is launching

" Condom company Durex is launching a line of high-tech, vibrating lingerie to help couples get it on long-distance. In fact, Stoker may have met Jack the Ripper. She says Joey is Miss Perma-Scowl. After the double-locked doors, past the CCTV cameras, Charlie opens a safe like a pro, slips on black cotton gloves and starts opening Tiffany-blue boxes. Why, it’s a geek’s wonderland, with impersonations of old actors, horror movie in-jokes, some honestly funny dialogue (“Take to the air, zombie birdmen!”), a finger-poppin’ jazzy score, even a bit of sly and nasty sexual innuendo.Oh, things get complicated, but very slowly and very quietly. In F Scott Fitzgerald’s introspective novel, every utterance is weighed. Hed been consideringdoing a film about Charles Whitman (the sniper who shot up the University of Texas campus in 1966), so he intertwined a fictionalized version of that story with a storyline featuring Karloff-as-Karloff, known here as“Byron Orlock. So stay tuned.  Mitra Chester said she’s looking for “real people. Yes, players sport helmets and redesigned shoulder pads, but their uniforms are a bit more than what you would find on the beach. But I’m glad to hear that you haven’t invested in a tattoo of Vlad, because Vlad turns out to have been far less of an influence than we suspected. For seasoned Mad Men viewers, this episode will leave you with a flood of emotions.Die, Monster, Die was based on Lovecraft’s story, The Colour Out of Space, and director Daniel Haller actually did a decent job of capturing the atmosphere of decay.What happens when "Project Runway" meets "Divorce Court"? A wedding dress made out of divorce papers, of course.

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