Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chapter 18 Our good days 2

Cathy is tugging my arm and I know whatever I do next will make her mad forever.

  Wait a minute, I say, and run inside to get the five dollars I have three dollars saved and I take two of Nenny's. She's not home, but I'm sure she'll be glad when she finds out we own a bike. When I get back, Cathy is gone like I knew she would be , but I don't care. I have two new friends and a bike too.

  My name is Lucy, the big one says. This here is Rachel my sister.

  I'm her sister, says Rachel. Who are you?

  And I wish my name was Cassandra or Alexis or Maritza—anything but Esperanza—but when I tell them my name they don't laugh.

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