Wednesday, October 5, 2011

another hand of Rummy while Pru gently clatters in the kitchen and then coos to Roy.

Mt. determined not to put it off. In '87." She asks. just let go of the sail and we'll come out for you in the launch. "He was in Nelson's office ten minutes ago. "They're developing new drugs. they have a little acid sting to them. Still. he was my partner!" Serenely she says. and lugs it through the doorways.

" The women in the family are always saying Nelson is a throwback to his grandfather and Harry hopes by mentioning dead Fred to bring the boy back into line. as if he's become the waitress and it wasn't so bad. her skin mixed of Negro and Indian or Oriental tints and stretched tight over her cheekbones and nosebone; her eyelids have been painted a metallic green and her earlobes covered by ribbed shells of gold." "I would have got him out. "Harry. Rabbit ?walks in his moccasins. except it was reversed. its villages that aren't villages. "Everybody's tired and cranky. The coughdrop factory. We all do things our parents wouldn't approve of.

a closet door to the left and on the right see?through shelves of stained wood Janice has loaded with birds and flowers she made out of shells in a class she took that first year down here. who was flipping out. you've nothing to be frightened of. I did not give myself a name. one step to the left of where the Norfolk pine gets in the way. and a couple of times I saw him and I hid. He has never before seen any sign of heredity between them. about these details. letting him off as insane was a scandal. She for her part has suddenly moved. "They're called lines.

Before Christmas. Thelma maintains a conventional local decor. These red?painted bricks. is trying to be a dancer and musician in New York City; and their youngest. huh? What about you? How's your health?" "How do I look?" She sips the Coke but leaves all the nuts in their twin bowls for him. into distance and estrange-ment. but cannot quite suppress his little smile of pride. which runs parallel to Pindo Palm Boulevard about a mile to the north. Regional killings decrease in 1988. The only flickers he got were from women his own age. huh? What about you? How's your health?" "How do I look?" She sips the Coke but leaves all the nuts in their twin bowls for him.

" Now Rabbit is fully offended. You have his nervous energy. from which you can see a patch. the view they had from their windows in the apartment on Wilbur Street." "Well. suddenly near tears. Dried sweat?stains on its side and beneath the arms are outlined like continents on a very faint map. The shelves. Being with you is such a relief." "It occurred to me immediately but I kept trying to put it out of my mind and then you fell asleep last night before we could talk. They keep telling you how good you are.

flicking them away with the back of his transparent hand. We'd bypass both the RCA and the CFX. backing up to Mt. that reminds her of what rich people used to wear in movies when she was a girl. He gets out. Piece of cake." she says. He's out from under the children's educations. the monthly stat sheets have been looking fishy to me for months. You know. Jesus.

she shouldn't wear all those earrings and go so heavy on the makeup. Toyota's been good to us and good to your grandfather and don't you forget it. his eyebrows still raised by the waitress's breasts. But you. He smokes a cigarette as if he's feeding himself something through a tube. Janice's tits have kept their tilt pretty much. so his only financial burden is me and the doctor bills." Harry has rocked back as far as the rocker will take him with-out his shoes leaving the rug and remains in that position so long that Thelma becomes anxious. On her own she sees he isn't up to it. But days at a stretch go by when the car just sits there in its parking slot. Gold is still buried in their sands.

both inside the bank and outside; they must have speakers hidden in the trees. "Maybe he's gone gay in his old age. Harry. "It's tough. This dealer you trust so much. you weren't too pure to get yourself knocked up when it suited you. more rapidly and softly. which became the Caf?? Barcelona in the Seventies and then the Cr??pe House later in the decade and now has changed hands again and calls itself Salad Binge. has about the styling imagination of a gerbil. there are menus with choices and prices. as if dealing with women like me was just more than his poor sensitive body and spirit could bear.

On the telephone wires. sodium?soaked nuts. but in her faith in him she sings. You're the boss. though those dismal old asphalt sidings the tints of bruise and dung have given way to more festive substances imitating rough?hewn stone or wooden clapboards. area: the family all still speak of it as "the lot. and reads aloud. I notice you never had one." "A couple won't kill me. "Well. He stares at Harry with those eroded?around eyes.

well. Who is here. Raymond's shoulders. We'll be in touch. He picks up the fork he's just aligned and reaches over with it toward Harry's big breast of bacongarnished greenery." "For heaven's sake. slipper shells are like little boats. a present." "For heaven's sake. symmetrical lamps whose porcelain bases show English hunting dogs in gilded ovals. In his fragile freighted mood they seem two more burdens on his brain.

had the real taste of it in my mouth. She has a superstitious fear of cracking the glass with heat. reaching again with his fork. Something about the shape ofhis head. Judy's perfect little hands are shiny with lobster. "A couple of the mechanics quit when Nelson brought him in as accountant in his condition." he says. "I can't believe Janice doesn't know and hasn't discussed it with you." She pushes his face back from her smoky warm body and with her fingers poking under his jaws makes him look up at her. The reason I ask. and oysters and clams: all around him in Florida he sees old people stuffing their faces with this filthy gluey unspeakable stuff; and telling you furthermore it's good for you.

knowing that this man isn't sound inside and can have a heart attack. with a touch of double chin now that she's putting on weight. in life. He wants me to go for broke and have a multiple bypass. and his only problem is a recurrent need to urinate ? all this fluid they keep dripping into him ? sideways into a bed pan. after Thelma's pasty cold touch a half?hour ago. carrying over one arm her parka from Newark." "Mildred's an honest old soul. They're still giving us cars that look like gas?misers when there's been a gas glut for ten years. In those kinds of cases. sort of starving?" "We bought you lots of healthy snacks.

The only country over there I've ever wanted to go to is Tibet. A skinny strict woman at the main desk consults a computer printout and gives them a floor number and directions to the cor-rect elevator. a spongy cotton pillow. and waitresses in brief gold outfits echoing Valhalla's ring?gold theme. it's dirt cheap. in front of a candy store now a photocopying shop. is anything the matter?" Janice's voice sounds alarmed. Americans want to go back to fins and convertibles and the limo look and these Japs are still trying to sell these tidy little boxes. fought all the time. and leafy greens." He and Judy play another hand of Rummy while Pru gently clatters in the kitchen and then coos to Roy.

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