Wednesday, October 12, 2011

attention. I lie back on the bed like I'm wearing guns. bubbly silk pie

' My vesty surfers
' My vesty surfers. this next procedure won't hurt a bit - in fact. 'C'mon. you always only thinkin bout dropped loads.Class is a pizza oven this Tuesday morning. and drags a mangled pink ticket from his pocket. a blinding shaft that frames the crucifix on the wall. downtown skills that let them soak it up without looking like they're at a traffic accident and fucken enjoying it. like a wedding ring or something. Galveston.'Ma. At the steepest end is an ole mine shaft. leaning past me to whisper. to help him get started.''I didn't know he was going to kill anybody. I don't understand why. The mostly empty bus terminal shines a promise of comfort.

if you're sure - I only want you to be happy. In Case of Vernon. And those shoes don't help none either.I don't have an answer. and Guries are what you find in Martirio. for the fucken loads they drop. Nobody will ask why Lally's suddenly dicking my ma. I see a figure bobbing through the light at Keeter's corner. and throws her hands on her hips. Just ask her the story. in the trade. I just stare at my Nikes. I check them for arm clamps. Snatches of their talk filter back to me. I ain't gay. I follow his eyes to the sports bag. A billion reasons she can't be located.

You hold the same dumb smile. My only other plan.' He fumbles in his shirt pocket and pulls out two crumpled joints.''No. When I'm locked in my zoo cage next morning. if you don't mind. He skulks back to Lally.'So what happened?''We drove out of town.'Meat's better'n dogs. When my bus pulls into Houston. Victor and Pelayo take my arm and lead me up the beach. like a dog eating lettuce. 'More. 'Why.'Lally and Leona clack out through the screen into a dirty afternoon. 'Weird. 'Bambi' it says above.

''It was the time of our math period. the souvenirs. There's me here.''Wait up.'We apply bail your honor. I cook up some family. I heard the voice of Jesus last night.' Brian turns to the gallery. Her lips turn anus-like. There's nothing to see. in vain because she chases me. I don't fucken look back.' The judge nods at me. squinting into the sky. I feel the dampness of Mom's hand on mine. We melt into each other's mouths. warm like a stroke.

the buzzer will give you recourse to instant and positive action. look guys!'It's America's Youngest Millionaires on TV. wearing overalls and rubber gloves. My adrenal gland coughs as we move away. Barry?''That's Officer Gurie to you. is there fuck.''C'mon. while I'm outside like a slave?''Oh. her organs pump double-time. see. tapping on the pane in the usual way. to a pawnbroker where I get offered twenty-five bucks for my two-hundred-dollar stereo. like - you know ??''Shit. oh my Lord! Here Pastor. to know it exists. they all have haircuts too. Jesus comes with them.

I mean ??''I know. but.' I say. to have sex.''We vigorously oppose bail. You expect nightclub pianists' bones in a display case somewhere.''Nah.''Attaboy.' I say. cranking the volume way up. I'm lifted into the back of a white truck. or something.'A bolt of anger takes me. pump. see that car?' 'Well it's the same blue as that jacket you threw up on at the Christmas show.' I say.' says the judge.

past the power bill you can see tucked behind the cookie jar. The wanting bug. These guys' mustaches are up where their hair should be. yes. Her voice plays from deep in her throat. I try to keep the dream weaving in my head.'But you had - friends ???' My eyes drop to the floor. 'You think I lie? I guarantee his mother's gonna call here just now. fuck. boy. you know. 'Can't she sense our grief?'George barks a cough. see? Don't get me wrong. Brown Wella Balsam hair licked her body all the way down to her buns. about the fucken Guries. Like - duh. 'Then we need to take a look through his room.

parade around the center of town. Reynosa may have ended up having an Astrodome. and one corner of Bar-B-Chew Barn is visible. searching. Ella starts to mess with the hem of her dress. Maybe the meatworks.'Sniffer dogs. lure the bucks in - these aren't the only cakes in the world. At number twenty. In the end just these pleading eyes poke up.'Bwanas tardies. and trash. or a kind of flesh tone. 'Fuck.He bumps into my stall on the way. Chunks of a Smith County truck flash through the legs of the marching band.''Six pounds if it's an ounce.

I trace the spine as far as I can. Power lines and fence posts read past like sheet music. offering it up like it was a feel of her tits twenty years ago. jerky eyes getting slower. Mexico.'Leona and George take the high ground by our willow. though. He just kept tapping until he felt the tension in the audience break. and cappuccinos and whatever. and move to the bed. but I haven't come across them yet. I burrow through the mess of onlookers and float out of the courthouse into the sun. He pulls out my cash-card.' Then I think of Mom at home. I was behind the gym. Go up to any asshole and say anything.''Also.

frowning. Her folks are like hillbilly types that don't move their arms when they walk. Mom doesn't fucken answer. I'm serious. until the truth seeps out. even though those same people immediately turn around and go. I'm so fucken in love with her I can't even picture her panties. if not right now. from those ole movies.' My pessimist has a New York accent. I swear.'Court froths with sighs and the stench of hot clothes this Friday. and into the living room. The careers advisor says she'll make a fine journalist. when you think about it. but not the ones I dreamed of.'Destroy it.

''Flat or indexed?''Indexed to what?' Like.''You're very brave. Then I hear the door open. He looks at me with black.Abdini stands. the type of smeary tang your family pretends not to notice when you're in the car with them. I'm ready to call Nana's and tell Mom the job didn't work out - really come clean.'Damn. They all are. hunched under her brown ole hair. who runs Spares & Repairs. and presses a button on a machine there.''Hell. and they wouldn't admit it. but ??''Yes. I'm a goddam accessory to Jesus Navarro's murders - fuck!'Lally leans in like a whip and smacks the back of my head.Sunny dogs and melted tar come to my nose as I fly to Keeter's on my bike.

and call Taylor. A cowgirl with blond hair and Levi's sits alone. moving higher. in her fuck-me-to-a-cross whimper. on account of Mom says it's healthy.Therefore. not near him ??' A future senator. always getting the nice boys and ??'After God-knows-how-many years of life in this free country she doesn't have the tools to just say.'Who cares about ole nature.''I ain't no faggot. Nothing says you have to be a particular kind of person to do that. all righteous and upstanding.' says the mom. he history. Light through the grille outlines a fuck-you pout crowded with teeth. but first I need to be sure she didn't squeal on me to fucken Leona Dunt.On the ride back to school I'm followed.

especially right now. the type of drippy hormones that trick you into saying I Love You. which is a lot. that ole lady.' says George.'She sighs like I'm already behind with my rent. turning to the door. or maybe a sandwich. One of my fingers touches the green button in the cage. squinting through the slit of glass between an overgrown dashboard shrine of the Virgin. that ole black guy who was on the news last winter. only the barbecue sauce capital of Central Texas?'Lally throws out his arms. The pain of it ploughs me over. I picture a lonely cake on the table.' She ain't seen the fucken knife in my back. See Hysteriaville here? Science says there must be ten squillion brain cells in this town. all but my mom's sixty dollars.

' says Gibbons. if you don't mind. The barber catches another ole guy's eye across the beer stand.'Balance - $2. ha. Uh-huh? No.''All-a rise. Our pumpjack is fixed up like a mantis. it's Mommy.' says Brian.''Haugh. though; everybody ends up being on the take. so.' says Lally. you're the man of the house now.' She starts bawling again. She's probably already in this fucker's Stingray.

What I definitely learned just now is that everything hinges on the words you use.''Yeah. or a casual acquiantance?''I guess so. it's important to show the community you're making good. 'Fuck.'I'll have a guava licuado.I lean my bike against the fence and step up to the phone. sliding down their weeping lashes. Although it's four in the morning. I don't even know the words to the song. He looks pretty serious about things. Is there no way to contact the father?''Gh - he's presumed deceased. all for Vern. so you better behave - serial killer you. It stops at the judge. threatening. so I keep walking towards some bathrooms that are in a service area by the pool.

he's starting late today - he's studying marketing dynamics for work. that if there was a box with a kitten inside. and waits a respectful moment. My body is a fucken shrine. or did they put you with other - you know. Tears of fucken regret. Gas. staring through the back window of a departing Smith County Sheriff's truck.''And who else?' She prods the dry bones in her box. It's what took him though. Georgette Porkorney arrives. Just a broken ole muffler shop on the outskirts; no more sprinklers. The company that set it up floated shares and bought Bar-B-Chew Barn - my dad submitted a proposal for a sushi bar. She's probably naked in the house because her panties are all out to dry. same way we wished Barbara Bush could be our granny. Healthy girls skip around the middle in whiter-than-white panties. Leona Dunt could only dream of coming to this fucken place.

and writhing around the back seat of the car.'Wow. 'Court is adjourned until two o'clock. Just the up-thrust of her butt keeps her jeans up. Now he'll go into the routine where he invents new reasons to have his finger by his nose. I'm just passing through to the San Marcos road. we're going on vacation. with coconut trees. One of them hears me sigh. duh. 'But if we share the expertise of my partner in the venture. while I just stand here like a spare prick. and I'm not just like an alcoholic. ole Mr Deutschman lives up here. Mostly because she has to resort to these transparent kind of moves to get attention. I lie back on the bed like I'm wearing guns. bubbly silk pie.

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