Monday, March 2, 2009

Air Jordan 1 x Tribe Called Quest

Since 1985, Air Jordan, have arguably become one of the most iconic brand of sneakers ever created. Since then, without fail, there has been a different version of the shoe released each year, with dozens of other incarnations (or special edition collaborations) also released of each specific model.
This year, the Jordan Brand has released a uniquely conceptual design dedicated to its original model: The Air Jordan 1 (High Strap). Taking obvious cues from legendary Hip hop group, A Tribe Called Quest and their groundbreaking 1993 record: Midnight Marauders, the shoe features the same red/green pattern as the popular album cover. Over a palette of beautifully embroidered mesh and a sleek patent leather swoosh, it’s a limited edition shoe that recalls the intellectual and innovative rhymes of a decades past.
Air Jordan 1 High Strap: Midnight Marauders, drops January 31st at selected retailers. Photos courtesy of Hypebeast

Nike Air Jordan Retro 1 (black - gold)

Nike Air Jordan Retro 1 (Alpha Edition)

Nike Air Jordan Retro 1 (Olympic Edition)

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