Thursday, February 26, 2009

King completed rocket heavy trading Artest to join the city to help break Michael Yao

Houston Rockets and Sacramento Kings have reached a deal, the rocket will be used to Bobby - Jackson, next year's first-round draft pick and another player transactions as a bargaining chip with the king's Artest. According to the provisions of the contract, the deal until August 14 to Air Jordan 1 enter into force.
Houston Rockets this summer is perhaps the player trading market set off the biggest waves on the team, prior to their side quietly watching the market's every move. Now the time is ripe, people finally leave the city to make a sufficient disruption of the western pattern of transactions, they reached the king a big deal, with Bobby - Jackson, next year's first-round draft pick and another player transactions as a bargaining chip with the Air Jordan 2 king's Artest. It is reported that "another player" may have first-round pick in the East are special - Greenwich, according to the terms of the contract, the deal to August 14 came into effect, and that is Greenwich and the Rockets signed a month's time .
Of course, the salary for the balance of reason, the rocket must also be of the deal and then add a player. But there were indications that the rocket will not leave this person, at the same time the Nike Dunk 1 Piece High & Low rocket needs to be paid to the king one million U.S. dollars to facilitate the transaction. 28-year-old Artest is considered most underrated NBA league, one of the players. At the same time, his hot temper, let him become a well-known figure, he is the 2004-05 season Auburn Hills Palace brawl protagonist, leading him to the history of the NBA's longest suspension as punishment. But we can not be denied that Artest NBA league are among one of the best players, his defensive ability is worth mentioning that, while his offensive capability should not underestimate the 2006 and-07 season, he had against rocket when his personal career high 39 points.
Artest can play power forward and small forward two positions, in the 05-06 season, he was serving in the Rockets coach Rick - Adelman's men played 40 games, averaged 16.9 points 5.2 rebounds and career a career-high 4.2 assists. With this kind of performance to the Earring time when he selected defensive first team, while the capacity of animals for Adelman also quite convincing, the relationship between two people has been quite good. The end of the season in order to persuade the king to retain Adelman, he even said he is willing to pay abatement.
Artest joined after the rocket in the arrangement of the players will face tough choices, Artest and Shane Battier are excellent defensive small forward, the location of the two people have a certain degree of Air Jordan 3 conflict, but Artest can defense from the guard to power forward position, and many other players, which means that the final moment of his game and Shane Battier, Tracy McGrady can simultaneously appear in the court, Artest go by each other's forward defensive players


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