Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good-looking styles of shoes and low-cost money

Air Jordan 11 & Jordan 11

Air Jordan 12 & Jordan 12

Air Jordan 13 & Jordan 13


Mrs. Garha said...
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Mrs. Garha said...

Hai there, Thanks for your compliment... Anyway I didn't get ur name? May I know your name please?

Ok! About your blogspot... it quite good you're selling branded shoes but make sure it is not made from PIG skins sorry to say because many in Brunei like branded shoes like those you have posted.

Another things since I am Malay I didn;t know how to read Chinese Language so if you want you business and blogspot to be famous or wellknown I thing u should change the format to English Version since English is an International Language.

I hope this can give you some ideas. I'm not that good when giving ideas but I hope it really works with you.

Christian said...