Sunday, January 4, 2009

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Sweet said...

Gracias por firmar mi blog. Feliz día.

AnDrew said...

Hey Hi... thx for the commet... well your blog looks pretty cool, I think ya dont have to change a thing... keep doing this great job... I really like Nike Shoes, but I preffer Adidas :) lol but anyway...hope c ya back!! and thank you again!!!

Evan & Nicole Faucette said...

Why the heck did you leave that comment on my blog????

todavia said...

I never expected to have comments like yours. Unfortunately, neither Nike Shoes nor basketball are my favorites, for this reason I'm unable to give you any advice.

Your website looks trustworthy. If one day I need Nike Air Jordan shoes, I will gladly do business with you.

Thank you very much!

Mil gracias, has sido muy amable!

Nadira said...

nice shoes u have here..but not the kind i wear sowie :)

Sestri Nilamsari said...

Thank you for your comment .. I think your blog realy like my blog hehe..but why u not shows the price of your product so your buyer not need ask to you..Btw, i'm so sorry if my english make u little confuse :P Lets make our blog better.. have a great day..