Sunday, March 17, 2013

Panorama network - March 17 Jin Anguo ji (002636) annual

Panorama network - March 17 Jin Anguo ji (002636) annual report on Sunday night, 2012, the company net profit of 46.0607 million yuan, down 39.97% year on year, earnings per share 0.16 yuan.

In 2012, the company realize the operating income of 2.136 billion yuan, up 5.31% from a year earlier, mainly production scale, product market share increases.

Company, said net profit fell during the reporting period, the main reason is that copper clad material as the basis of the electronics industry, product prices continue to decline, while the decline in the price of raw materials is less than product price decline speed, led to the product gross margin narrowed.

Company plans to 2013, annual production and sales of copper clad 27 million copies, up 26%; Selling half curing 2.15 million meters, up 30% from a year earlier.

Jin Anguo ji 1-3, 2013 profit is expected to 9.35 million yuan - 14.95 million yuan, down 50% to 20%. (panoramic network/Chen Yi)

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