Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sichuan, China's first alpha HINI influenza (swine flu) suspected cases of a disease process packets exposure

Sichuan alpha found in patients with suspected cases of influenza H1N1 has flights from Tokyo to the NW029 by May 9, arrived in Beijing Capital International Airport, and on the same day 10:50 ride from Beijing arrived in Chengdu, Sichuan U8882 flights. Patients with a replica watches certain package, M, 30 years old, the current study of a university in the United States. Patients in the May 7 in St. Louis by the United States by the Sao Paulo to Tokyo, Japan, May 8 flight from Tokyo by NW029 in at 1:30 on May 9, arrived in Beijing Capital International Airport, and on the same day 10:50 to take off from Beijing , U8882-chuan flight by 13:17 to arrive in Chengdu. May 9 patients in the flight from Beijing to Chengdu, consciously fever, accompanied by pharyngodynia, cough, stuffy nose and a very small number of symptoms such as runny nose, in Chengdu after the self-inductance of the plane does not, then go directly to the Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital for treatment. The morning of May 10, Sichuan Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention detected twice the review, the results of wholesale watches Type A H1N1 influenza virus are weakly positive. Sichuan Province Health Organization expert group for consultation, in accordance with the "Type A H1N1 influenza treatment program (the pilot version of the first edition in 2009)", for initial diagnosis in patients with suspected cases of influenza type H1N1. At present, patients have been transferred to hospitals in Chengdu isolation and treatment of infectious diseases, and its treatment in the process of close contacts has also taken measures to medical observation.

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